Bloodraven: what’s the three-eyed raven’s secret plan?

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blob fish
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Plot twist: After season 7 GRRM decided he could not let this version of his books (season7 was a dumpster fire) and decided to drown the entire thing to force people to read the books, helping increase literacy proficiency in the population.
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"Brynden is a spooky motherfucker" aaaand that's a new subscriber
Jeff Hallam
Jeff Hallam - 5 दिन पहले
You must have been disappointed when Bran becomes King. Are they planning a Season 9 perhaps down the road where Jon does become King?
Notorious1503 - 6 दिन पहले
I can't take the show serious anymore
Notorious1503 - 6 दिन पहले
Lol a cigy
Peregrination - 6 दिन पहले
13:35 Wait, who/what does Hot Pie control?
glarcon - 7 दिन पहले
Just finished A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and immediately watched this, a perfect supplement for info I was a little fuzzy on
David Lane
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Plots and schemes are the same thing :P
Biswaroop Goswami
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Videos like this is the reason Youtube has this feature of 1.25x speed
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Bloodraven is a Crusader Kings 2 pro
THOR odinson.
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I wanna read all the GoT books!! Can anyone suggest me an order??
THOR odinson.
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@Lux Borealis who are u...the writer of GoT??...
Lux Borealis
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Dave Thebeau
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Superb content!
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Not strong - good with a longbow. Just how strong you need to be to qualify as "strong"?
Abenezer Girum
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Brynden is a man of justice.
Narek Tovmasyan
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Who else noticed that Maester Aemon was alive for 4 Targaryen generations?
James Taylor
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Bloodravens constant thought s the weirwood cave..why did I have to kill my own brother..stupid cunt am cursed
James Taylor
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There isnt a three eyed raven..its.a crow...and bloodraven is NOT the 3 eyed crow
Drogon Dracarys
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Bloodraven win the game of thrones....
The ClockWork Insomnia
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Is this house dimir
David Brereton
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so stupid how the show built up Bran falling and going to the three eyed raven/crow just so he could spy on them, and in the end not even tell anyone where the night king is smh
Emaan Addan
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Who wrote this shit 😖
Ahmed Ouardani
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Great story telling ! I really thank you for crediting the artists.
brett warren
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“Out for a cigy” “Eugenix quest” lmao dude you’re killing it w these one liners my dude
brett warren
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“Went out for a cigy and never came back.” You had me pissin myself w that one lol
irregular mana
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I've watched a lot of your videos, I wish the creators would of hired you because almost none of your theories came to light in the show and they are far more entertaining than any of the crap they came up with.
Richard Didrikson
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4:54 Aegon V Targaryen "Egg"
Student 1
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Forget about Ramsay and the Mountain, Euron and this guy are the single most evil and horrible characters. Hopefully they die (for the good of the world).
Simplified Knowledge
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Simplified Knowledge
Simplified Knowledge - महीने पहले
Bram - महीने पहले
What's Maekar I doing with Robbs crown?
Stoneryoda 937
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I don’t think BloodRaven is the 3 eyed crow “ are you the 3 eyed crow ? ... A Crow .... I was at a time “
Surly if BloodRaven was the 3 eyed crow he would know that or at least tell bran
Also N+A=J
TGxIlyaork - महीने पहले
You should say about valyrian steel sword Blackfyre, A sword of first Targaryen King and a symbol of all Kings. The Unworthy gave this sword to Daemon and not to Daeron, it was also another clame for throne.
Vittuu mun ovelta
Vittuu mun ovelta - महीने पहले
Xqc is probably related to targaryans
Jordy Rodriguez
Jordy Rodriguez - महीने पहले
I thought of the bene gessedit before you said it, and brynden having the blood of first men and Targaryen may be the first attempt at Azor ahai.
Madeline Sartori
Madeline Sartori - महीने पहले
Can't wait for Fire and Blood part II!
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike - महीने पहले
Preserve magic to maintain their beauty. They changed her character a bit but that's obviously the lady of light, advising kings and queens.
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga - महीने पहले
His plan? To become the King, of course! Damn Brynden! he died, but, through Bran, he made it!
Emanuel Esparza
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13:04 HAHAHA "That bear Tormund fucked" Im sitting here imagining that BloodRaven Was inside warging a bear beeing fucked by Tormund. Like he was bored or something and found a way to entertain himself
Aljoša Andrejević
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honestly,best one
jabberwagon - महीने पहले
All this just makes me hopeful about how much better and more intricate the books' endgame will be when compared with the show... you know... if George ever *_FUCKING FINISHES THEM._*
ALPHA GAMER - महीने पहले
Bloodraven is the Baddest of all,My Favourite Asoaif character
he is Targaryen and blackwood,so has the blood of the first men and valyria,Bastard,Hand and lord commander of the night watch and he is a greenseer,but not a normal one,the FUCKING THREE-EYE-RAVEN
Nicko Vox
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What grest 8,9,10,11,12 and 13 season would have been if just someone had used all this information
facetiousbadger - महीने पहले
13:52 HFS Bloodraven is David Bowie.
facetiousbadger - महीने पहले
Dumbledore is more similar to Bloodraven than people realize. If you step back from the assumption that he's good then his actions are incredibly Machiavellian in how he operated.
Daniel Agostinho
Daniel Agostinho - महीने पहले
Even tho the show is now over i still keep watching your videos, thank you so much for such a great content!
Light - महीने पहले
Brynden’s the ultimate chaotic good
Gabriel Karapondo
Gabriel Karapondo - महीने पहले
Plot twist: the face on the weirwood tree is Thanos and Tony Stark is Azor Ahai
Tortured Masterpiece
Tortured Masterpiece - महीने पहले
A corpse man? Ik it’s Jon’s uncle but like how tf does this happen???
Gavo Morg
Gavo Morg - महीने पहले
Gd shout alt shift x I never telly give it any thought about egg marrying bertha Blackwood ,but u cud be on to something there,cis if I remember rightly he refused to marry his sister daella I think her name was.I don't by it's just a coincidence,hopefully we'll find out more i the next dunk and egg even what Actualky happened @SUMMERHALL!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frans Mikola
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I (like to) think this is what happened in the show. Bloodraven, realizing that his body is decaying for some reason grooms a little Stark boy and takes control of him and then manipulates and schemes his way into the iron throne. He said himself that he isn't Bran anymore, but the Three-eyed Raven.
Sumanta Chakraborty
Sumanta Chakraborty - महीने पहले
No hes busted son of aegon targaryan 4