Aegon’s Conquest: how did Daenerys' ancestors take Westeros?

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It wasn't necessarily that. It was more that Aegon didn't destroy the power of the nobles. He somewhat lessened their autonomy but the lords got to keep most of their authority and powers. So that meant most were quick to bend the knee as they didn't have a lot to lose by doing so. I think if Aegon had said he would destroy the Starks as rulers of the North they would have fought.
Taylor Giavasis
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Do a video on Jaeharys Targaryen. The real builder of westeros
Brickbon Brickbotop
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7 kingdoms vs one guy with 7 nuclear bombs
Terell Chapman
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God I hate the Targs
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman - 3 दिन पहले
The only decent one was Aemon
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They had dragons
You're welcome
Shiney Luna
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sounds a lot like the Greeks but with dragons
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I need a prequel
Christopher Tracy
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The writing is what killed 2 Dragons, and Dany was betrayed by Jon - her relative. I hope the Books do a better job.
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Dornish be gangsta
Anthony Johnson
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Aegon and Rhaenys being great warriors is debatable. I'm sure they knew how to use their swords but its probably propoganda on their supporters (and their) parts.
Pixx Gokou
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or she could just kinda forget the Iron Fleet
GreenAndMeat paw
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Missandei was the spark to Dany's insane fire power (pun intended)
Cody Jinn
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"The story would be boring if she just won with them, right?"
If only this wasn't foreshadowing
Matt Johnson
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I guess Daenerys should have considered NOT burning the whole fucking city.
But I don't blame her, I blame the shitty show writers for ruining her.
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Holy fuck Rhaenys is hot
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The last season was fucked up by the writers, They should wait for the book to be finished...
milreed truth
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DAMN, Dorne declared for Daenerys, She'd have been the first to rule outright and not simply via marriage
Iwan Sunaryanto
Iwan Sunaryanto - 24 दिन पहले were right...she burn them all...just like his father wanted to...
Nebula Nigrim Leonis
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"She's been really....burny lately".
I think that is the greatest line I have ever heard from a GOT youtuber! LOL
When people freak about the ending and you have to remind them that Dany is a child of incest. And her Daddy Uncle was batshit crazy... Aegon was a diplomat. But Dany...she never learned how to play the game. She only knows Fire and Blood. Without her advisors... she would have already burned half the world with baby dragons
Matthew Gellert
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Those aren’t real dragons. Real dragon don’t breath fire or have massive wings, they are a sign of strength and balance in Chinese culture.
Matthew Gellert
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oresama93 no shit. I know the Chinese created a dragon with a snake like body as a sign of courage and balance. Later as cultures connected through trading routes different forms of dragons were made.
oresama93 - 16 दिन पहले
ok, there are more cultures out there besides Chinese culture.
ENT Productions
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Yeah... she needs to remember not to forget about any fleets with Scorpions on them... That would be good...
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Targaryens: *tactical nuke inbound*
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*Sees House Celtigar's sigil
(Thinking) Must think of crowd. Must resist making an STD joke.
StepHen Witharose
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And so "death and ruin" it was.
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So complex.... Season 7/8 of GoT is like nothing exist except Kings Landing and Dany & the crew... So sad :D
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When the sun sets your line shall end!!!
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Ariston William
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*Visenya:* I freakin' LOVE your palace! I wish I had one like this!
*Sharra:* OMG thank you! Let me show you around real quick.
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Now we know how disappointingly it ended.
Manuel Amaral Zeigler
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she fucking dies
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Daenerys kinda forgot about everything.
C Pat
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Couldnt they put some armor on the dragons like there damn dragons they could handle some extra weight
August Weberg
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the story would be boring if they just won withg the dragons... WEEELLL THEN
edit: you have to know who your enemies are. Nah doesn't matter
Todor Vladorovic
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Agon had one false title .....King of Rhoynar
All Might
All Might - महीने पहले
Todor Vladorovic not really house martell has royal rhoynar blood and lots of other drone houses have rhoynar blood too since a lot rhoynar people came too dorne after their homeland was destroy
Brad - महीने पहले
"use them to scout ahead", if only we'd have known
Simplified Knowledge
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Timothy Brake
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What a great video 👍
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"Will Dany do the same?" Sadly, no. No, she did not...
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S8 just said fuck you to everything
Mitchell Hoffarth
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She goes insane then her nephew she was hot for stabs her and she dies then the show is all over forever.
The Unusual Stranger
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Brandon Snow sounds like the only person on that era who was not stupid , cowardly or evil .
Wiz Loo
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Hi love your videos, where can I find this family tree of house targaryen that you have in this video?
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Well, you messed up, Dany
Comrade Doushkin
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They burned everyone
Jacco van Gerven
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they assembled a great army... but dragons
then again they assembled an even great army ... but dragons
then they assembled the best army in history... but dragons

I'm starting to see a pattern here GRRM... ;)
Juu Ju
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Planky Town???? Is one of the traditions theyd do there, planking??
callum odonnell
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Thank you it helps to know the back story of game of thrones
yedad G
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"scout ahead" *ahem* they kinda forgot about that on episode 04/08
ROnan Mckenzie II
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'use her dragons to scout ahead' lmao if only...