What do Daenerys' Undying visions mean?

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14:45 - My thought is that this is actually Arya. I subscribe to the theory that the house with the red door was in the Sealord's Palace (In Deep Geek has a great video on it). Arya's about 10 in the books and why would Daenerys have two visions of her childhood home? My guess is that Arya running towards the red door will have something to do with her faceless training.
Gentlemanly Squid
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this is some good theorizing and interpreting of the books
makes it all the more baffling they did fuckall with it in the show :/
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“Dany takes the drugs from the strange man”

Me as a teenager
Hao CH
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The undying whisper prophesies to Dany in which season & episode ? i watch all the season 2 episode but i can't find it. Someone answer me please
Hao CH
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​@Alt Shift X thank you so much for your reply ! all of your video are so good !
Alt Shift X
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It's in the books, not the tv show
Ismail Niyaz
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They reused the Qarth landscape for the King's Landing one in the last two episodes and thought we wouldn't recognize it
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Watching this after season 8 is kinda crazy bc it explains a lot
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He predicted the treason for love perfectly jon stabbing dany
Tender JC
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@Hao CH sorry i can't recall 😅
Hao CH
Hao CH - 17 दिन पहले
The undying whisper prophesies to Dany in which season & episode ? i watch all the season 2 episode but i can't find it. Can you help me ?
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I was thinkin about this these days!!!! Ytb can read my mind
Hao CH
Hao CH - 17 दिन पहले
The undying whisper prophesies to Dany in which season & episode ? i watch all the season 2 episode but i can't find it. Can you help me ?
Tony Xognos
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The "treason for gold" (and the rest of treasons) is a book thing that didn't appear in the series, hence it can't be Doreah who died of sickness in the books in contrast to the show, where she betrayed Dany. It's probably Viserys
Hao CH
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The undying whisper prophesies to Dany in which season & episode ? i watch all the season 2 episode but i can't find it. Can you help me ?
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Pyat Pree = Pripyat.
ღ 권주님 ღ
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so d&d basically already spoiled got's ending in season 2 by revealing dany's 3 visions. god, that vision of her reuniting with khal drogo and her son really got me 😭
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Book to show confirmation of Dany’s prophecy?
The fires lit by Danny: Life- Khal Drogo (also the birth of her dragons), Death- Jorah, Love- Kings Landing (she wanted to be loved for conquering Westeros, but all she gets is fear)?
The mounts: Bed- Drogo? (Duty of marriage?), Dread- Hizdahr zo Loraq (as she dreaded making the compromise to appease the peace), Love- Jon Snow
Treasons: Blood- Drogo’s blood sacrifice to save his life, Gold- Jorah, Love- Jon Snow
Isadora Botelho
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I do not know why but it seems every daenerys prophecy seems to be someone different from every major house of westeros
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I'm kinda in agreement with the Order of the Green Hand who think that Jon Snow is Ned Starks son by Lady Allyria Dane and Rhaegar and Lyanna did have a son who may or may not be young Griff. Guess we will have to find out which theory is correct. I do love that GRR Martin does seem to put many possibilities in his books. I am going to wait to read them until the Winds of Winter comes out and don't think we will get a Dream of Spring so no satisfying ending.
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Chasing after prophecy in the books always leads to death, when the fans chase after prophecy in the show it leads to disappointment.....message!
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I am still not over how horrible the last season was :(
Danillo Spindola
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Jon isn't Rhaegar and Lyanna son
Shawn Boudreau
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The likelihood of this not being true in the books is pretty much 0.
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Imagine actually believing that.
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anyone here after the season finale?
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Why don't you sort the comments by newest ones first and find out?
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light a fire for life - dragons birth
light a fire for death - miri death
light a fire for love - jon snow ? nissa nissa?
ride a mount to bed - drogo
ride a mount to dread - drogon
ride a mount to love - jon snow ?most likely
a treason for blood - miri blood magic treason
a treason for gold - viserys death
a treason for love - i dont want give spoilers,but the way her story ends on the show
Emanuel Esparza
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10:04 Could it be Ageon in the books?, Bittersteel's Sigil was a firey horce, and maby in the books Agon Destros Kings Landing Before Danaerys can claim it with the aid of the golden company and wildfire!
renato souza
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I was relieved to see that the ruined Throne Room vision from the show is not in any of the books, so it doesn't have to happen the same way.
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Me: I look good today
My body dysmorphia: lol you look like pyat pree
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I honestly don't believe Rhaegar loved lysana truly he just needed one more child and thought a stark fit the prophecy
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17:30 That's the only moment S8 really used. At first i thought it's "Snow" because the Whitewalkers won...but after seeing S8 it makes sense...
Aria Isara
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LOL what's up with everybody commenting this video predicted the end of the show?? It's a great recap but the Nissa Nissa theory was popular _before_ this video and it's NOT what we had at the end of GOT. What we got at the end of the show is like a stripped down, retarded version of what the Nissa Nissa theory is.
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2016??? Bloody hell! That last set of visions is season 8!
Gabrielle Toupence
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If GRRM is unable to finish the final 2 books, this is the man who should do it. He truly is gifted; like a Ph.D. in the world of Westeros. I even heard GRRM say one time that one of the fans of Ice&Fire could probably do it. It is not unheard of. There is a woman writing as Agatha Christie now and after Stieg Larsson's untimely death after writing the first 3 Millennium books, there is a Swedish writer, David Lagercrantz, who has written 3 more follow-ups.
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Can you stop combining book canon and show canon? This video is awful.
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12:44 when you call Aegon a "mummers dragon" the mummer could actually be referring to Varys, who was part of a troupe of mummers before becoming "the spider"
Figgy5119 - महीने पहले
"three heads has the dragon" sounds like a warning that Rheagar's dragon got its three heads after all.
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Great video!! Your interpretations were spot on!
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Resizt - महीने पहले
17:10 its crazy how we knows what happen and it looks so weird.
Yvonne Burns
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If there is a consideration of a redo , they can start with Dany still in the house of the undying and everything that happens there her visions just that ambiguous at that and how she shapes all her decisions could be based on that alone, did xxx and result was yyy so won't be doing that
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Crispin Cardoz
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The treason for love is exactly what you predicted
Robin Schaeffer
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3:54 - 3:58 is giving me scooby doo vibes “and he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids / weren’t for that meddling kid”
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I know why you're all here now.
Lina Maria Florez Ramirez
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Well, know that it ended, you weren't wrong in most of it... Good job.
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8:40 good prediction
Pusy Magnet
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Who is here after 8x06?
rnaddie - महीने पहले
So perhaps the Azor Ahai wasn’t forgotten after all....it could have been Jon, he did stab Dany to “fight the darkness” and ultimately saved the world from fire and death, even if he didn’t end up ruling it
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Here after the horrendous ending
Brock Chanel
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Im just here after the S8 Finale.
Lenin Arul
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It all makes sense 😮
Zhengrong Yu
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The quote "He slew his wife to fight the dark" now has been officially confimed in S8E06. Jon Snow stabbed Dany in the end to end the probable 'dark days' Dany was to bring to Westeros.
Rhiannon Hope
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"Maybe Jon will have to stab Dany in the heart".... This is all very vague

Nope that's exactly what happened
Kaala Aekanroe
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Well now we know what they meant.
Shannon Thompson
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Kaala Aekanroe Do we? Not all until the books, as most were book only. We have no explanation for many things with the show.
May W
May W - महीने पहले
17:09 spot on predictions! Fun to watch these predictions now that the whole series is over.
young dagger dick
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8:40 This man predicted the ending of the show 3 years earlier.
Maha Hamdi
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@wwsshockwave the visions are completely different in the books. in this video he discusses her visions from clash of clans not game of thrones season 2 she didn't see drogo or her son( she saw him but he was an adult ) and she didn't touch the iron throne(she saw the iron throne but the mad king was there ordering his men to burn the city) as far as i remember feel free to correct me and that's what I'm talking about her death wasn't a treason of love and we must not expect from the showrunners to fulfill visions that weren't even mentioned in their show.
wwsshockwave - 10 दिन पहले
@Maha Hamdi this prophecy did in the vision in house of undying. She had a vision, when she wanted to touch the iron throne, she heard sonething and she went north to the dead drogo and her dead son. Its obvious that she heard Jon, he called her to go north to help him vs walkers. Jon killed her and sent her to the dead Drogo and her son. Its symbolic that she met Drogo at the north of the wall.
Maha Hamdi
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@Gråpus re-watch the video he talks about the azor ahai. azor ahai killed his wife to win the war against the white walkers that's not why jon killed dany he killed her because she became the westrosie hitler and it's not a treason for love "a treason for duty" is more accurate way to describe her death actually this prophecy wasn't mentioned in the show and it safe to say dan&david didn't care about fulfilling it.
Gråpus - 16 दिन पहले
@Maha Hamdi no, he mentions that dany must fulfill 3 prophecies, which she does. The last prophecy to fulfill completes her destiny, and she dies
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young dagger dick only that’s not how ended