Doom of Valyria: what destroyed Daenerys and Jon’s ancestors?

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Robert Baratheon
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What is the worldbook ??
Shiney Luna
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Carbon nanotubes!
Ryan Goldsmith
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You can hear the satisfaction in your voice when you weave the promotion into the video haha
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If no one has visited Valyria and lived to tell the tale, how can we know it has even fallen in the first place? What if all the dragonlords and dragons are still there, killing all intruders so no one knows?
Britney Million
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Nazis with dragons 🤣
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The skillshare might have been the single greatest and well-though-out and well placed sponsorship I've ever fucking seen
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"But in reality is... SKILLSHARE!" .... oh ffs xD
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southern Valyria sounds like a fun place for someone with wealth , status , dragons and power .. but Nothern Westeros with Others, Giants , freaky -midget COF, and people( humans) being jailed at ( Castle Black) sounds not really a fun place to be .. not to mention you freeze your ass off and their steel( Wilding Steel) i heard was crap
Matthew Glasgow
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Jon and danyeris were just keeping their blood pure
Quiet Corner
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With an aunt like Daenerys, Jon should keep it in the family.
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That was the smoothest segway into a sponsor ad ever 10/10
Ariston William
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Henry Haake
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what about Chroyane and Garin the Great
White Moon
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Racist. Think about themselves. Slavery. Greedy...sounds like numenor
Chillyprincessvaleri H
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It feels weird hearing your name being described as a place.
Fletcher Gillespie
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Valeria was a place where the people got too caught up in their politics to stop a natural disaster of fire. Now Westeros seems to be on that same path, but with ice instead of fire... kind of like the title of the series...
Bleed Green
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Wait, was that Kit Harrington on the movie cover of “Pompeii”?
Heaven Tsegaye
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Bleed Green yep. he’s the main character
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Kasino Kaiser
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Can't the Velaryons control dragons or are they too far down the family line?
Emily, Synerella Eliza
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Their family was never dragonlords
Cnrodeo - महीने पहले
In the show Tyrian begs Jon Snow to kill Dany. Jon does so knowing it would mean the end of his own life. In a sense, the Lannisters ended Valyria by destroying the last of the Valyrian houses. Yet another event is Jamie killing the mad king during Roberts Rebellion which helped result in the last of the Targaryens fleeing their kingdom. Maybe the prophesy is metaphorical for the end of the Targaryens, the last of the Valyrians.
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Ok I admit that sponsor was very well written into the video
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Gold caused the doom because of GREED!
EL - महीने पहले
They sound like inbred English royalty.
EL - महीने पहले
NHP Lol 😂 I don’t think so. Just look at the house of Windsor.
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EL Boy have I got news for you
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"A terrible, genocidal, betrayal"
Alt Shift X unknowingly predicts Daenerys in Season 8 nearly a year ago.
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valyria is not nazis with dragons wtf,is rome with dragons and they didnt enslaved peaceful people,they enslaved their enemies
facetiousbadger - महीने पहले
Incesty Dragon Nazis. Not exactly the best long term plan for a civilization.
could be worse. could be muslims
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I wonder if sodom and gamora were the inspiration
Crazy Catholic Chick
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So A Song of Ice and Fire’s ring of Fire went off?
Konfused Kat
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Oooooooohhhhh that smooth transition tho.
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dudee! The way you plugged your sponsor was pure magic. XD
Kaze Patel
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But why did Rhaegar marry Elia Martell ?
She wasn't a Targaryen🤔
Don't want to keep blood lines pure anymore ?
Austin Cole
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Dont think he had any sisters his own age,and I think he was working the whole prophecy angle
Kerry P
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3:03 God Damn It! Stop showing that picture! That's not Valyria!!!!!! It's a giant middle finger to every book reader who dared to criticize the show. p.s. You've shown it too much and I can't watch you anymore.
Sydney P
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L O L the Pompeii poster
Jackfruit Nim
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I wish you wrote for the TV adaptation.
Ice_Seige - महीने पहले
In which book or books is the doom of Valyrian written in?
Drew - महीने पहले
might be in poor taste to put such a major spoiler right in the title
Kacpa2 - 2 महीने पहले
So long story short - valyrians were retarded and brought it on themselves by killing each other between incest orgies. Given their beliefs they deserved it.
Jin Jin
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I found the myths and legends in the book far more interesting....if you think about westros is pretty boring compared to the rest of it's world.
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How's you not laugh at that smooth sponsor transition 😂
Anyway, nice video!
Gdalf Gaming
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OMG that segue to the advert lmao!!! amazing video though. I feel more woke about the realm now.
Eustache Lamort de Gail
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Yup, no
Dany clearly forgot about the Doom having burnt down all King's Landing
Catherine Lambert
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I usually listen to these videos in the background on my phone while I play minesweeper, so I didn't see the text on the screen when you said "the area was dominated by Ghis.". Thus, I heard "the area was dominated by geese, or old geese."
Now I'm imagining five successive wars between dragons and these demonic elderly geese that somehow got a hold of southern Essos. So thank you for unintentionally giving me that mental image 😁
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Segway should sponsor you because that segue to your sponsor was just so smooth and well-balanced...
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I'd suck Jon's dick.
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28% on Rotten Tomatoes
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Theyre just using chemisty lol
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S billings
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Jews believe in racial superiority too...
Vishnu Talanki
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some white people too,. ex - KKK, Nazi's etc
James Tapley
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Damn, did you start with the Skillshare add and work backwards...
granudisimo - 2 महीने पहले
I'd hate to be the one correcting George RR Martin, but The Doom is not akin to Pompeii, the analogy is incorrect.
It's like Crete with the Siberian Mantle Plume that caused the Cambrian extinction.

Pompeii and krakatoa are a joke compared with The Doom.