Westworld S2E05 Explained

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What’s up with the hosts in the Valley? What does Dolores do to Teddy? How does Shogunworld reflect Westworld? How is Maeve controlling hosts?
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Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop - 2 महीने पहले
My suspension of disbelief goes right out the fucking window anytime Delos Security come into the picture. "Let's all advance in a line at a steady pace!" - What the fuck were the directors/writers thinking? They put so much thought into the philosophy of the show but have a Game of Thrones-level grasp of tactics. Infantry tactics aren't difficult - they're literally made to be understood by folks who aren't good enough at other stuff to have a different job than being in the fucking infantry. This samurai vs. armed security stuff? Forget it. Pure plot contrivance. I hate that shit. I WILL say that the Japanese used gunpowder weaponry, though. Not really good against a group of people with automatic rifles but projectile weaponry nonetheless. Still horseshit, though.
Stefan eg
Stefan eg - 3 महीने पहले
Honestly, it straight up pisses me off seeing Illuminati signs and symbols everywhere, we're used to them and if we can only imagine things close to what we've seen or sensed and they are the only fucking things that we can see.
Jack K
Jack K - 3 महीने पहले
Delos doesn't have assault rifles they are msg's lmao
Aubrey - 4 महीने पहले
Garbage episode
Guilty Spark
Guilty Spark - 4 महीने पहले
I was right to stop watching this show. It turned so retarded. It sounds like an anime now. Thank you for your great videos. I get to know the story without wasting hours of my life
BoTi - 7 महीने पहले
This episode was boring
Dragon Dimosthenis
Dragon Dimosthenis - 10 महीने पहले
i hope there is one late medieval germany, Peloponnesian war in greece, colonisation first years (with pirates), holy lands (preferably after or when the first crusade happens
rigdigwus - 10 महीने पहले
this was by far the worst episode.. who cares about the japanese shit, it didn’t advance the plot one fucking bit, waste of time
Alex Deming
Alex Deming - साल पहले
These explanations are fantastic. I mean this show is so complex with so many narratives interweaving in a non linear fashion which only adds to the complexity. It also has a ton of symbolism and philosophical meaning and inquiry. I get some of it while watching but these videos really clear things up and bring things together which makes it easier to watch the next episode. It’s really impressive how the maker(s) of these videos are able to catch so much and explain it so well. Very intelligent people behind these
pundewhee - साल पहले
Quality content otherwise, but still.
llgla - साल पहले
Now that we know Maive learned to control hosts subconsciously, does that mean Ford have a host or hybrid version of himself? The real one could have died by gunshot but the host version could be the one who runs around revamping the park in season 1.
Indubitably - साल पहले
This was the Dorne of Westworld...
Ezekiel Powell
Ezekiel Powell - साल पहले
C.R.E.A.M. get the money! DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL YALL!!!
Michael Towns
Michael Towns - साल पहले
Was that Graham from loadingreadyrun with the nun-chucks haha?
MNN TNK - साल पहले
i love how you sincerely explain videos with just a hint of delicate humour.
Farhan Abdurrohman
Farhan Abdurrohman - साल पहले
Yessss indonesia subtitle
selinakyle - साल पहले
When HBO flags tour videos do you no longer make money on them or are you able to fight it? I thought it was okay for clips of shows to be used like this because there is commentary. Is the Patreon account the only way you make money?
ayodraws - साल पहले
Magic Wi-Fi superpower! 😂
Black Light
Black Light - साल पहले
"D MOST" retarded episode in two seasons. basicly weebs graber episode. 0 sense
Dentally Challenged
Dentally Challenged - साल पहले
Wasn't a fan of this episode they made it all about the two least interesting plots imo
Domingo J
Domingo J - साल पहले
It makes sense the ShogunWorld hosts beat security because they were fighting in the forest. Way easy to ambush them. The Confederados fought them in the open field, in a fort.
EternalDensity - साल पहले
I wasn't expecting Graham Stark! Nunchuck jousting! 5:14
EternalDensity - साल पहले
The actual origin story of the nunchuck fail video: inzone.info/view/YmFrZk5zc3RqbDQ.html
Franz Janganieri Barbosa
Franz Janganieri Barbosa - साल पहले
Maeve can control other hosts through Wi-Fi... Cool! XD
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas - साल पहले
I was unable to watch your analysis videos for a few weeks because I fell behind on Westworld. Yesterday I got fully caught up and my next immediate thought was "I cannot wait to hear what Alt Shift X has to say about all this."
I'm almost as eager to watch your breakdowns as I am to watch the episodes themselves, is the point; clearly you're doing something very right.
nd4spd - साल पहले
Why would you randomly spoil a GoT episode out of nowhere in a completely different video?
Seantonio Banderas
Seantonio Banderas - साल पहले
Everybody talking about the Paint It Black song and neglecting the amazing C.R.E.A.M. rendition. Crazy!
Emma Larsen
Emma Larsen - साल पहले
About the flies that spread bluetongue to the cows, do you remember the flies from season 1? How they sat on the faces of hosts. I do not remember all the hosts that this happened to, but it happened to Dolores who gains consciousness. Do you think there could be a connection there? Maybe Ford sent something out via the flies, or maybe the flies just pointed out which hosts were coming to consciousness?
Rachit Jain
Rachit Jain - साल पहले
HBO should officialy air these post the episode. This makes life so easy after going through 1 hour of brain fuck!
Jon - साल पहले
Delores is just the worst. I hope William kills her and makes her suffer.
El Scruffo McScruffy
El Scruffo McScruffy - साल पहले
This episode lost me, just when i thought i had a grasp on everything...
Kaelan Swan
Kaelan Swan - साल पहले
Feels lazy making Meave a legit God of the Mechines.
Barnabás Pénzes
Barnabás Pénzes - साल पहले
this episode was boring, worst episode of the show so far
RazingVirtuoso - साल पहले
how the fuck are they getting copyrighted shit on?
The Hh
The Hh - साल पहले
There was one black empty box, OCD triggered!
Arkain - साल पहले
The one thing that really keeps pulling me out of this season is how completely and utterly inept the Delos security guards are. Walking in an open area towards a fortified position when in another scene we see that there is an unprotected side wall that can easily be penetrated and now they have somehow been slaughtered en masse by samurais??? I understand that they might be underestimating their enemies, but there is a difference between underestimating your enemies and being completely retarded...
cicuz - साल पहले
I'm sorry about the copyright claims thing, that's really messed up! So is it better if we watch the videos ASAP, before they hit? ;)
A JoJo Reference
A JoJo Reference - साल पहले
The Geisha music during the dance was actually a rendition of CREAM by Wu Tang Clan. Very neat!
R. Lewis Blake
R. Lewis Blake - साल पहले
Great ad at the end of S2E6 commentary. I'm not sure if you're the only one blending ads into content on the Internet, but you got my attention! Great work! I hope you can keep it up.
DeadLetter - साल पहले
This was my favorite episode just because of the Japanese characters and nothing else
187Ares - साल पहले
Dolores is just the perfect example of femnazi bots
187Ares - साल पहले
Pure meme
Angela Solon
Angela Solon - साल पहले
A telepathic Wifi superpower. Maeve is woke as fuck. Let the rebellion begin.
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali - साल पहले
Please do a Sense8 analysis. Maybe when the final episodes out or maybe even before. It’s an amazing series with a lovely message...
Like so this message gets read!
Jsaur - साल पहले
No offense, but Haxdogma puts out videos of equal quality and length within 2 days of the WW episode airing , you put them out within 2 days of then next episode airing. If you're going to take money from people on patreon at least hustle to put out your content. it looks sloppy compared to the people you're competeting with who have way less subscribers.
Levi Welling
Levi Welling - साल पहले
Not to mention Akane’s dance was performed to the music of C.R.E.A.M. by the Wu-Tang Clan.
Oussama hamed
Oussama hamed - साल पहले
Where's S2E06 !!!!!!!!
rellimarual - साल पहले
What about Ep 6???????
Vikki Lucas
Vikki Lucas - साल पहले
I believe that Elsie's reference to Ford's quarantine emails refers to the Delos Update that was emailed out about a month ago stating that a virus was spreading through the park. I can't find mine, but I did find one on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/westworld/comments/8ghf64/the_delos_coverup/
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson - साल पहले
Thanks for those GoT spoilers in a Westworld video m8
sami hussaini
sami hussaini - साल पहले
Bloopers Network
Bloopers Network - साल पहले
Check Bloopers on my channel
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss - साल पहले
if Phill has the ability to manipulate hosts with his tablet, then why doesn't he just make all the hosts super nice and friendly so that he can escape westworld without being hunted down by hosts??
Sergio Piña
Sergio Piña - साल पहले
I lost my shit when I realized the song Akane was dancing to was C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang.
Sean Bannister
Sean Bannister - साल पहले
i always hear jif X instead of alt shift x
siva sandeep
siva sandeep - साल पहले
You’re the best Westworld channel I’ve stumbled across this season 👍🏽👏🏽
Brythonic - साल पहले
Westworld is becoming more boring with each episode
books from Windblown
books from Windblown - साल पहले
Pay attention to the details so that the twist might make sense at the end?
There will be more copied characters from the past works.
Simon kærslund
Simon kærslund - साल पहले
Rigtig god forklaring, på hvad der egentlig skete i sidste afsnit. Mange tak
Walker Knight
Walker Knight - साल पहले
Those screenshots might not be cannon. But I find it interesting that Dolores left Teddy's charm exactly the same as it was. So she may still be attached to the old Teddy in some way.
linggiman - साल पहले
u awesome
Bagno Maria
Bagno Maria - साल पहले
Oh man can't wait to see the video of yesterday's episode