How Humans Broke the Game

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Can you do one on VelvetWorms??I heard they have a great AOE stun/root ability. Yes.i know I'm late. Stealth,high Offence,high Defense,low Mobility,low Hp,low Intelligence,mid
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Hey you should make a megafauna tier list
Miguel Braga
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I hales were fish the whole time
Error! Sans! MUGEN
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Microbe tier list?
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Wait, so you are saying that history has proven that DEX is the superior build.
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Could you do a video on best builds or teams to deal with swarms? It seems that swarms are OP.
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I like the hooman videos. Keep telling me how great I am.
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Humans got so op they got bored so they create their own problems..... Then they solve them.... ... oh, look, now their on the moon
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Are raccons op?
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Theres a bug in the game. Most of the humans lost their intelligence perk. My character wont level up because of that. So now I'm forced to make a new character and start off at the lowest Tier again. Please patch this soon.
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Wow I used to play this game so much a year ago, but it just got so easy to survive as one human. When the game first came out it was so much harder.
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U have to make a video game
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Im just glad God Studios didnt nerf humans after they added in the nuke weapon
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This is the least dead channel on YouTube
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And this leaves out the ridiculous crap like nuke exploit that humans figured out. Like, c'mon devs, what were you all thinking? And they use the damn thing to grief fish mains just because. They don't even get XP for it!
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Did anyone else hear the Mozambique here at 1:47
Leche de caballo
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Okay, I like tierzoo but the one thing that really pisses me off is that the animals run out of health way too quickly. Like someone gets pecked by a goose and they are clearly fine but the video shows it as them with five health. In real life that would be a someone in a coma after getting hit by a car.
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Could we see the tier list of ants?
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Us Fox mains are always forgotten..... #savethefoxclass
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I love how he does it in game form
Physics of Raindrops
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There are several publications that state the homo sapiens actually merged with other local human species when invading new territories. This allowed them to evolve in such a short time. The theory that the homo sapiens just eradicated every other human species seems to be not quite correct.
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Humans should really be ranked S+
Ibrahim Hukun
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Make a video about cockroaches and other pests
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There is a rather unfortunate aspect of the human build. Veterans rejoining the game after being accustomed to playing the big, fast top tiers of the past may have heard rumors of just how OP the human build is and decided to pick up the game after a while for at least one human playthrough. They jump straight in to the game and, being so overwhelmed by the novel techniques and high INT of the human class, opt to end their playthroughs early out of frustration. This applies the 'mourning' debuff to most nearby human players, but more importantly it's a ton of wasted potential. Human players have invested a few of their (very abundant) resources in to preventing this problem, but it seems to persist. For these players, I would recommend fooling around with a build more alike the dinosaurs of the past, such as a wolf, an eagle, an elephant, or a gorilla for those who want a more balanced human-esque gameplay. Only after familiarizing yourself with the lay of the land and modern intelligence builds, then I'd suggest starting a human playthrough for maximum efficiency.
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Upload stupid noob
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So basically we got globally
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And now we are PvPing each other...
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This is next level editing skill, National Geographic might hire you guys one day
Also the Mother Nature don’t need to nerf human cause everyday we all nerf our self, cough...cough flat earthed, anti vaccine human........
Is thats Kk
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Why were Neanderthals considered a different race? Wouldn’t that mean Asians are also another race? Like they have smaller figure stretched eyes and so on.
Milka Bogovac
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Wow. I have seen how much people are maining the human.And its a whopping 7 Billion!
People really love playing as a human dont they?
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Oh! That explains it.
*Jesus was an exploiter.*
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Hey, could you cite some sources please, for additional reading?
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If this was an actual game what would it be called?
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Human of Outside is evidence of bad game design. Since the Inteligence stat has options to increase other stats to ridiculus degrees at higher levels, human players can easily frag any other S tier build even with severe debufs like obesity, which greatly downgrades humans' other main stat - mobility, and impaired vision, arguably the most important secondary stat for combat for most builds.
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Insect tier list.
Sharangdhan Bhave
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Can you make a video on players who coexist with the human build without being a support class
Like the pigeon or common crow
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it would be cool to look into bringing back classes like the mammoth by hacking the source code of the game allowing older classes to be unlocked
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Do a video like "ants are op?"
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1.4k people who watched this are Christians
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So many Neanderthal players disliked this... I wonder why. They did not comment. Maybe they are too busy copy there Chars to YT?
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Rip vegans..We ate meat.
Daniel Guerrero
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Neandrathals lost because they couldn't say the n word
Daniel Guerrero
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You should talk about some of the predicted updates of the game *cough* tfiw *cough*
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Devs: installs the desertification update to remove trees and nerf humans*
Humans:evolve stronger legs
Devs: *installs the desertification update 2 to decrease food.
Humans: invents fishing
Devs: makes ice age debuff update
Humans: Coat
Devs:Makes a water level update increasing sea levels
Humans: Boat...
Devs: *disturbed Tom face*
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No one gonna point out the fact that this guy used Pokemon music lmao.
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can someone tell me what large terrestrial mammal i am looking at at 1:30 ?
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We need ninja to ban humans, they're too OP
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This is a great channel to learn.
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Chootiya video
Living Lifeform
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Meat did not make human brains bigger. That is a silly idea invented by people who know little about human health.
Magnús Örn
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what do you mean? what is the health problem?
Eitan Ungarish
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Also, i forgot to include: best animal for every stat.
Eitan Ungarish
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Video suggestions: reptile tier list, dino tier list, all animals tier list
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can't wait for the Alien DLC soon
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I love immersive nerd education like this; I stay invested for so long.. but putting in that Smash ultimate GAME! makes me want to get my Switch.....
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This dude really had to use summons for the wooly rhinoceros... lmao git gud
Johanna Ström
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i would like more about the diffrent early humans. Not just neandethals and sapians
Agi - दिन पहले
Hey TierZoo! You actually made a bit of a mistake in this video, and it's a really easy one to make, I really don't blame you. Yes, Neanderthals had larger brains than Homo Sapiens, but they actually weren't more intelligent. Brain size isn't the determining factor; it's surface area. While Neanderthals had larger brains, Sapiens had more complex brains, folded in on themselves more times, allowing for more connections to form. It's the same reason that rats are significantly smarter than horses, despite a horse brain being bigger than a rat's entire skull.
The Modified Mog
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I want this to be an actual game...
Whomst'd've he
Whomst'd've he - दिन पहले
Humans when they first came: *Chuckles Im in danger
Humans after they dominated Neathradols: * *Chuckles Youre in danger*
Kraang Dragon
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The link does not work for me
woot man
woot man - दिन पहले
that time when ur able to understand the whole video
Ultragamer FanFic Readings
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I'd really like to see an episode on Viruses, Bacteria, and other such diseases.
Varheim - दिन पहले
If this is a game, how do I activate the console commands and what is the money cheat?
Legendary-Saga 66
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I feel like im playing a game instead of living life
Its like sword art online or ready player one
xXsamuriaXx Destiny194
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I was thinking a video about how animals value from humans such as ants in plug sockets, cockrouches stealing food and rodents cutting wires
Insanely Nuts
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So let me get this straight, Homo sapiens and Neanderthals both have max intelligence while Neanderthals could gain body mass due to living in a colder climate, therefore having higher base stats all around. And because Homo sapiens had lower base stats they took over because they needed to rely on intelligence more?
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - दिन पहले
well thats the main theory, we dont actually know
Mike Wate
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I'm going to kill myself
Xakuray - दिन पहले
I'm supprised how high of a mobility stat humans were given considering they get outspeeded by most mammals, they can't fly nor climb that well, atleast on trees and they're pretty bad in water too. Also up to very recently agriculture was a bane to humanity not an improvement.
Magnús Örn
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its because we sweat, we are made for marathons, thats how lions and cougars are hunted in africa, we just run until the animal is tired
The Berserk Horse
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TierZoo can you please pass on my idea to someone who has connections to square Enix? --------- So Square Enix made a CGI documentary about human evolution? This gives me an amazing idea - Square Enix should make a Clan of the Cavebear Movie or game series. Play as Ayla and Jondalar, the tall blonde beautiful Cro-magnon couple, and make the characters all pretty CGI like the final fantasy 15 characters. Or you could choose to be a Neanderthal and play out his story. Like I can imagine running around prehistoric Europe just like the plains in final fantasy 13 except all the animals and plants look realistic with real earth species.
Talon ,The Blades Shadow
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The fact the word tier in germany means animal makes ur channel name halarious
mermaid - दिन पहले
Wouldn't modern day man be level 99? Why ancient man using a spear, thats not too far off from a club, a battle rifle is the ultimate hand held weapon, not a fucking spear.
I'm the captain now
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lmao explaining evolutionary traits through game lingo... this is resonating with gamers of all ages.
Sergio Vazquez
Sergio Vazquez - दिन पहले
Love the Mozambique reference
YJX Is OP - दिन पहले
What about micro-organisms??? Or maybe fungi? Maybe plants! I wanna see the tiers of them!
Emenel F.
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The only thing that humans can’t stop is earthquakes, the tsunamis and other devastating events.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry - दिन पहले
Holy shit! Walking With Dinosaurs was my shit when I was younger!
pikiwiki - दिन पहले
not sure whether this is a videogame or actual history
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - दिन पहले
its history presented as a video game
roberto espinoza
roberto espinoza - दिन पहले
Tier list of mating rituals?
Pyro Pat
Pyro Pat - दिन पहले
rowb early
rowb early - दिन पहले
Neandethals did not come out of Africa....
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - दिन पहले
what do you mean?
Eraycan Ersan
Eraycan Ersan - दिन पहले
You are LEGEND!
Animation Logic
Animation Logic - दिन पहले
Another patch update might be coming ;-;
鬼Gozu - दिन पहले
Sapiens p2w stats
Caelan Thompson
Caelan Thompson - दिन पहले
Scorpion tier list!
Ender Man
Ender Man - दिन पहले
Neanderthal also did not have very complex vocal cords so they were less interactive.

Yes I got the heart from tier boi.
ICE KING 100 - दिन पहले
Mozambique here!
A Burr
A Burr - दिन पहले
U should have a hybrid animals tier
Olade Kiambu
Olade Kiambu - दिन पहले
I lost the game
Joshua Salem
Joshua Salem - दिन पहले
So many human mains are just so greedy, I spawned in as human in 2001 and I’m about the download the college DLC but since I chose the United States server I wasn’t aware of how many micro transactions there are compared to the Europe server
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - दिन पहले
greed does not have to be a bad thin, one of the main reasons for the Scandinavian welfare states is selfishness, when you have a trusted government they use the money more effectively, saves time, make you feel safe, and its a total benefit in every way
Charlie R
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Me and my work colleagues are having an argument on who would win, grizzly or silverback. Please settle the debate once and for all!!
Cale Cardin
Cale Cardin - 2 दिन पहले
You should do a video on the most unique abilities in the game
TFAegislash 57
TFAegislash 57 - 2 दिन पहले
Not gonna lie, Neanderthals sound a lot more fun to play.
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - दिन पहले
petition for devs to bring them back
NaCI 4ya
NaCI 4ya - 2 दिन पहले
It would be cool to see another tier list based on birds.
Moon Bear Man
Moon Bear Man - 2 दिन पहले
Okay I'm a human main and I keep getting spawn killed how do I stop this
Alexander R. Jaruk
Alexander R. Jaruk - दिन पहले
Try migrating servers, I hear Africa has fewer spawn kills but more post spawn fatalities: good luck!
Breloom - 2 दिन पहले
PLEASE do a video on pangolins, they're my favorite build in the game. JUST PLEASE!
Alexander R. Jaruk
Alexander R. Jaruk - दिन पहले
So much yes! Pangolins are low tier but they've been surviving fine till the damned human mains ruined everything like they always do!
spacetime - 2 दिन पहले'd he acquire all these clips. Loved the video btw, just discovered you and I have impeccable taste, this YT acct was made in 2006.
TierZoo - दिन पहले
I got them through my partnership with CuriosityStream!
Gaming_Charizard - 2 दिन पहले
Could you please do giraffes for me, I’ve loved a giraffe since kindergarten and if you do it I might give you a shout out, I would also like you to talk more about prehistoric
Zinedine Prime
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Letholdus Aurelius
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The "Out of Africa" theory has been debunked since like 2015 lol Nice memes though
Peteroleum .Noise
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Video on Caecillians please!!
TNR Wilson
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Now this is how you make education entertaining.
Astrid Nipflake
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So, when is Are Snow leoaprds OP comming out?
Allan Valin
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This could be a good theme for a video