Game of Thrones S6E02 Explained

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2, “Home”, explained and analysed - who are the kids in Bran’s vision? What’s going on in King’s Landing? What’s up with Tyrion and the dragons? Is there anyone left at Winterfell who Ramsay hasn’t murdered? What’s a kingsmoot? And omfgbbq did Jon Snow just rise from the dead?
This video contains some ADWD spoilers.
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D White
D White - 4 महीने पहले
I thought Tommen killed himself if the previous episode.
Mauricio Gomez
Mauricio Gomez - 4 महीने पहले
I loved the analogies of the kingsmoot with Trump , Clinton, and Bernie. LMFAOoOOO
lachlan Bastin
lachlan Bastin - 8 महीने पहले
8:18 kit Harrington, everybody
E. Humperdinck
E. Humperdinck - 8 महीने पहले
If the Targaryen's have some kind of magical blood that pacifies dragons to their bidding, maybe some how, Tyrion has some magical kind of blood to connect with the dragons. Or maybe they can sense his intelligence and wisdom since dragons are seen as intelligent or wise creatures (I think). Not sure about Tyrion being descended from Aerys , there would be another connection to why Tyrion isn't eaten by the dragon right off the bat.
JellyCony 兔子布丁
JellyCony 兔子布丁 - 9 महीने पहले
I like how you dig deep into the story and compare it between the book version and the drama. Handy and interesting for viewers who have never read the books. Also, a great revision before season 8 is launched.
M00nsplitter - 10 महीने पहले
Sandor Clegane might be the biggest shit in the seven kingdoms but Hillary is the biggest c@nt in the Republic.
Some Fella
Some Fella - 10 महीने पहले
"the more reasonable choice" are we talking about the same crooked Hillary?
FEVER x DREAM - 11 महीने पहले
Clinton a sensible candidate..? LMAO now that's funny!
gabrielle.s - साल पहले
Two years later and i’m still puzzled about why Roose rubbed his new son in Ramsay’s face! He knows he has a murderous psycopath bastard yet he still acts like it’s a happy family news and moves on with his life expecting Ramsay to just... stand down i guess? It’s so weird.
KevinBorgOfDeath - साल पहले
Hillary lol?!
Nice call on Farwynd though.
GhostViper 95
GhostViper 95 - साल पहले
so right im playing rust and the part where robert strong splatters his brains the headshot sound effect comes on
Bram Reichbaum
Bram Reichbaum - साल पहले
Gylbert would've won.
Phrophetsam - साल पहले
"The winner of the War of the 5 Kings cos everyone else forgot about him"
Never thought about that
Average Alien
Average Alien - साल पहले
Hilary a sensible candidate? Laughing at rape, working with the Russians to alter results, and lying makes you sensible?
Rheeanna Spiritweaver
Rheeanna Spiritweaver - 2 साल पहले
You make the most awesome videos ever ty to Disney H RC and a future for all of us God bless
QuasarOne - 2 साल पहले
1:18 Looks like Robert and Rhaegar we're Jons Parents
superbus starodub
superbus starodub - 2 साल पहले
le epic political xdxd
Olli Casey
Olli Casey - 2 साल पहले
GYLBERT KINGs plan unrealistic?! Never!
Tubbs Tubbs.
Tubbs Tubbs. - 2 साल पहले
A couple of fuckin tree wizards.
nessiebreath - 2 साल पहले
Really like the content of these videos. It's helpful. There one big problem with them though… they are really hard to watch, because there are no PAUSES. As soon as he finishes one sentence, he immediately leaps to talking about something else , Completely different plotline, straight afterwards. Extremely difficult to follow.
Saleem Noman
Saleem Noman - 2 साल पहले
a well made video. Thank you
Rhazael - 2 साल पहले
Dude you nailed Hodor's hodoring.
drugzis - 2 साल पहले
This video predicted three things - Hodor being Hodor because Bran messed up his head, that Brandon will be given to Ramsay as a hostage, and "Bastardbowl" aka The Battle of the Bastards. Bravo Alt Shift X.
W Muench
W Muench - 2 साल पहले
I have a feeling that Jon won't be a POV character following his resurrection. . .
xxDrain - 2 साल पहले
Conspiracy theories about the sparrow? So, a theory that a conspiracy is happening? Who would the sparrow be conspiring with? It seems he's perfectly capable on his own.
CJ - 2 साल पहले
Ew keep your political views out of these videos
First Impressions
First Impressions - 2 साल पहले
Hillary cunton was not a good choice
Noah Spencer
Noah Spencer - 2 साल पहले
yara is way better than hillary
Vince Pabalate
Vince Pabalate - 2 साल पहले
jeezus, I was enjoying the video till I saw Hillary's face
Dennis Gannon
Dennis Gannon - 2 साल पहले
At 7:50, Alt Shift X, correctly prefigured Trump as the outsider. Trump won, as did Euron, the outsider. good prediction, again.
Casatropic - 2 साल पहले
at 8:22 you see a creepy blink from dead jon
Khaler Jex
Khaler Jex - 2 साल पहले
Euron will built a wall... oh no, its a THOUSAND SHIPS!
Biscuitknife - 2 साल पहले
what a dumb way for one of the coolest characters to die, Roose. Maybe in the show its different, but in the books his manipulations and plans seem to be almost on the level of Varys/LF/Illyrio
RoxasHerzloser - 2 साल पहले
7:39 Casually predicting the election outcome, nice one
Samuel Harrison
Samuel Harrison - 2 साल पहले
Wait a minute... OMG! The Mountain has become a medieval version of The Meta!
Andrew Roldan
Andrew Roldan - 2 साल पहले
and Trump wins. so sick!
RushyG - 3 साल पहले
Tree wizards getting high on green dreams xD omfg I'm dying!
justdo yourthing14
justdo yourthing14 - 3 साल पहले
love your vids - informative and witty! great work
Spooky Name
Spooky Name - 3 साल पहले
H - 3 साल पहले
You just predicted it!
Tru Dimension
Tru Dimension - 3 साल पहले
What's with all these "bowls"? This is not about sports, this is about death. I vote we call it "Bastarddome" and "Cleganedome". Because TWO MEN ENTER. ONE MAN LEAVES.
I have spoken.
tom garb
tom garb - 3 साल पहले
"chill in the snow", nice unintentional pun... or was it?!
MemeAstuto - 3 साल पहले
8:20 he blinks WTF.
DudeHunder - 3 साल पहले
"fucking tree wizards"
Analyse Fonctionnelle
Analyse Fonctionnelle - 3 साल पहले
wow, in retrospect, you were spot on!
Rita Rita
Rita Rita - 3 साल पहले
Sansa has heard about Arya from LF in season 2-3
WH Lewis
WH Lewis - 3 साल पहले
"a couple of fucking tree wizards getting high on green dreams" - nailed it
hibiki punches llamas
hibiki punches llamas - 3 साल पहले
Hilary Clinton and sensible are two words I can't see going together.
sally posey
sally posey - 3 साल पहले
Love your videos. But HIllary seems more like Cersei. Power hungry liar who has indirectly caused the deaths of many. Also, Bernie is Maester Tyrill. Weak and crazy.
Saad Abdulkarim
Saad Abdulkarim - 3 साल पहले
You could have said theon was bernie cuz he supports yara that was unmissable come on!!!
Ankit Sati
Ankit Sati - 3 साल पहले
buddy tell me a thing...
could r be robert?
i mean john snow has black hairs..\and targarians usually have white hairs?
Nerissa Carter
Nerissa Carter - 3 साल पहले
Hillary Clinton sensible? Oh please... #laughable #TurnOff. Nice summary but the snide political commentary is unnecessary. Stick to story analysis.
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber - 3 साल पहले
2:15 Well he wasn't wrong, was he?
soh2obro - 3 साल पहले
These videos are fantastic cannot wait until episode 10
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Brewer - 3 साल पहले
This has been a big season for Jon, he started out the season as a corpse and is now a king, Also,it is weird to think that all this time Bran was hanging out with Jon's greatx7 uncle.
Benn Conner
Benn Conner - 3 साल पहले
I think Stanises doters death was in a way a blood sacrifice that helped Jon return from the dead
Shannon Noll
Shannon Noll - 3 साल पहले
s03e01 Little Finger tells Sansa that Ayra is still alive, not that it matters
DeusVult - 3 साल पहले
8:20 and 8:21, Jon is moving his eyelid.
Dustless Page
Dustless Page - 3 साल पहले
OKAY OKAY So I just reas about the R+L=J theory and about how Jon could enter his direwolfs mind and then I realised that his direwolf had to come at his bed before john finally got back up again. This might prove this theory actually even more!
molta06 - 3 साल पहले
when people unsubbed cause of the political comparisons..... lol sensitive wussies. Relaaaax.
great video! as always