I can’t think of a worse day in Knicks franchise history - Stephen A. | Get Up

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Stephen is a loyal Knicks fan, you can see the pain when he talks about it. I understand it, man. I was a Knicks fan up until a couple of years ago.
YT: landstalker1109_UYA
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Shawn: They’re in great position for free agency

Stephen A when they don’t get Zion:

Kyrie and KD: ok yea we goin to Brooklyn

Stephen A: Word gets out we reached an agreement with Julius Randle!


All other knicks fans: 😭 😭 😭 we have nothin

Stephen A: I can’t think of a worse day in NY knicks franchise history
Scott Amon
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Stephen A Smith is always wrong. He predicted that Bucks will beat the Raptors in game 5 and he also predicted that GSW will win the championship. He is useless.
rimsky richard
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GSW will win if healthy
Godzilla is Litty
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Scott Amon he is purely an entertainer
Pankz Flyheight
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knicks will suck 50 more years 😂
Doctor Sam
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ESPN: Hey Stephen what do you think about the Knicks?
Stephen A Smith: You don't listen do you? Aways asking the same questions. What do you think do you got negative thoughts? All I HAVE ARE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS
Jonathan Padron
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Kecia Harris
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Marlon Wayans is the only person I can think of who could play Steven A in his lifetime movie. No one else. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Don't ask me why I'm thinking of this. IDK 🤷🏾‍♀️.
chaim ansbacher
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I respectfully disagree with Stephen A that losing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is worse than losing out on Lebron James and his "decision". Losing out on those two stars in my unqualified opinion is on the same level as Lebron James. Speaking of Lebron James, when the Knicks lost out on him at that time, that was when the Knicks lost all of their allure.
chaim ansbacher
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honestly, the new york knicks might as well cease to exist at this point because they will never win. As horrific an owner as James Dolan is, the Knicks are destined to be a bad team, never coming close to an NBA championship. I feel for knicks fans, their pain is unbearable
Usha Mishra
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Anna oop-
Hao Ye
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Saw the title havent watch the video yet, just gonna say “you cant imagine cuz it gets worse each year”
Jonathan Hudson
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STEPHEN A. SMITH DO NOT B SO DISCIUREGED MY MY VERY INTELLIGENT BROTHER! U KNOW BASKETBALL ! SO IN a weak eastern conference with the 2 lefties RANDALL AND BARRETT if the Knicks acquire a an 🌟 before the trade deadline THEY WILL MAKE AT LEAST THE 8th seed
Alonzo Ian
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Once Randle becomes an Allstar, he'll leave Knicke as soon as possible.
That's how bad the knicks franchise are
C MayR
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Knicks front office was like, hmmm Durant and Kyrie are not overated yet..they only accept overated players with lots of injuries
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That gives new meaning to congestion lmaoo for real man 😂😂😂
SuperMisteryMan01 - महीने पहले
Lmao they talk about patients
Yet u then realize the Knicks have practically never really had a real opportunity to making at least an NBA finals.
Ain’t no NYK in NBA history for practically 2 decades now.
Wiley Currence
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It's supposed to be downtown Manhattan it's supposed to be Madison Square Garden JR: Where is it then ITS THE BARCLAY CENTER OFF ALTANTIC AVE IN BROOKLYN NYwith Jr dancing 😆😅😂JR: Say it again!!!!!!!!!!
Jr Flores
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Handsome Squidward
Jacob Collantes
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We have all witnessed the breakdown of a man.
emi loves to surf
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can’t believe this happened in the season i was sure it wouldn’t go down this way i ain’t feeling it boy
emi loves to surf
emi loves to surf - महीने पहले
yeah man
Peedy Mack
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SAS is a literal CAPS LOCK button. U can push him and he starts talking in loud & complete sentences 😂
DJ Slapademiks
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Damn New York look like a laughing stock
Trent Hiiil'za
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what's the name of the girl TV presenter at the end ?
Dark Knight
Dark Knight - महीने पहले
What Stephen A.Smith is saying in short cut😂😂Knicks Front office are Dumb ass fuck😂😂😂
Ivory Alexander
Ivory Alexander - महीने पहले
Stephen A. was right about 1 thing. The Allure of playing for the Knicks is over. But, it did not die on 06/30. It was buried then. It literally died years ago after Spree, Houston, and those guys were all gone. Even Melo couldn't help revive it.
Parker Lessman
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Look at Richard Jefferson's face at any point in the video.😂
adidzis - 20 दिन पहले
in fact Richard Jefferson is a white man named Theodor R. Jackson
Ludvig Borga
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James Dolan will never sell the Knicks to anyone so please get over that notion. Why? Because the Knicks sell out every night and the organization is profitable. The best thing that could happen is if the fans aren't stupid enough to pay top-dollar to see a miserable team.
Khary Jenkins
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This SEASON they should sign Carmelo Anthony one year last tour with the Rookie Barrett that will at least give Original Knicks fans a exciting SEASON! And it's a great Business move for PR ,shows Character to attract future free agents
ShadowFalcon19 - महीने पहले
Let's do this: If you are a true Knicks fan, go to MSG and make sure TVs all over the country see the following words: DOLAN!!!!! SELL THE KNICKS NOW!!!!!!
Michael Dickey
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If NY didn't trade Porzingis, they wouldn't have had 2 max slots available and KD wouldn't have come. It's quite clear right now that KD wanted to go to the Knicks and KD and Kyrie were a package deal. Just so happens that KD injured himself and Kyrie said, "Nah... I'm not going to the Knicks while you heal up, buddy. I would have loved to play beside you with the Knicks, but as long as I'm going it alone for a bit, I'm going to Brooklyn. You can follow me if you want."
So yeah... the Knicks played their hand right. They couldn't anticipate KD tearing his Achilles and screwing everything up.
ebony nerd
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I'm here again to hear 5:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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ESPN needs to offer Stephen A. a max contract
Isa Mutlib
Isa Mutlib - महीने पहले
I have watched this so many times
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell - महीने पहले
The Knicks are a total joke 😂
Clutch Master
Clutch Master - महीने पहले
Of course RJ laughs. Hes played for the nets
Wiley Currence
Wiley Currence - महीने पहले
My boy RJ is enjoying the shit out of this he was laughing so hard that made the video with step a Smith tripping it's been 43 years
Got Game
Got Game - महीने पहले
bobby portis is gonna beat everyone on the knicks up
Giovanni Olivera
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Sign Stephen a. A max contract!
Vincent Gonard
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Damn looking at richard jefferson face makes me laugh
Johnny RD14
Johnny RD14 - महीने पहले
ESPN will be worst than the KNICKS when SAS retires !!
Top Men
Top Men - महीने पहले
Knickerbockers. Lol.
Henny Cee
Henny Cee - महीने पहले
Knicks is the comedy team of the NBA lol
Josh Bayford Music
Josh Bayford Music - महीने पहले
Would be funny if Stephen A n his hilarious knicks rants are the main reason players don’t go to New York, just to troll him and get more of this from him.
chaim ansbacher
chaim ansbacher - 21 दिन पहले
I truly believe that people see Madison Square Garden as well as James Dolan and everything that comes along with NYC, and these players see this and are thinking: " I can do so much better for myself"
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith - महीने पहले
Why are Knicks fans so delusional you were never in the running you got barely any wins Brooklyn showed they have a solid playoff base If you got to the playoffs then maybe
JFO - महीने पहले
Stephen A Smith: We just signed julius Randle for 21 millenth dollas, 21 millenth dollas? Yall couldnt wait.
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson - महीने पहले
Richard Jefferson basically personified how we all feel ab the Knicks at this point.
Clutch Master
Clutch Master - महीने पहले
Ken Anderson youll all laugh harder once us new yorkers get attacked on 9/11 again
Barry McCockner
Barry McCockner - महीने पहले
So basically SAS flat out admitting to being racist. And people just accepting that bs. Foh
Adrian Bredell
Adrian Bredell - महीने पहले
Richard Jefferson's expressions are priceless
harlemkidd82485 - महीने पहले
SAS is just playing the narrative. Knicks didn’t have a great offseason but had a pretty good one. The lure of MSG and NY isn’t there anymore. The best way to attract free agents is to develop young guys show stability within the organization and compete hard every night. That’s what BK did and we have to follow that same blueprint.
Dan Customer
Dan Customer - महीने पहले
I hate the racist Stephen A Smith ! But I even feel sorry for the guy after being such a loyal fan. The New York Knicks are the laughing stock of the NBA !
Boii Scout
Boii Scout - महीने पहले
Richard Jefferson is reminding me of Jim Halpert with how he looks at the camera.
adidzis - महीने पहले
he's just hilarious while trolling S.a.Smith
Gregory Elmokian
Gregory Elmokian - महीने पहले
Stephen A: I like juliu-21 milyion dollars😂😂
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez - महीने पहले
The facial reactions of Richard Jefferson were hilarious.
Salvia Bigmoney
Salvia Bigmoney - 2 महीने पहले
The knicks could have had kevin, kyrie, and zion.

just think about that
Flying V
Flying V - महीने पहले
Salvia Bigmoney if for not their dysfunctional management, they would’ve gotten those guys. At least Kyrie and KD.
scotty P
scotty P - 2 महीने पहले
Stephen A Smith that time of the month again. Tha nigga is the worst sportscaster to be part of the NBA
me still me
me still me - 2 महीने पहले
Richard Jefferson is a white man named Tom.
THE Gamer
THE Gamer - 2 महीने पहले
Shi Oon Yi
Shi Oon Yi - 2 महीने पहले
This is prolly a new meta in the NBA. An all-PF roster. Going to kill the Steph Curry era. LMAO
Flying V
Flying V - महीने पहले
Shi Oon Yi The stretch 4 era
Sebas M
Sebas M - 2 महीने पहले
At this point you have to think they suck on purpose. Great city shitty basketball team
BasketballShaolin - 2 महीने पहले
This day is a good day and I tell you why.
Because, it can't be any worse, it can be only better. :,) We're talkin' bout patience, about patience, bout patience...
Last but not least - worst day was, when Johny missed that three...