Valyrian steel: who has the swords that can defeat white walkers?

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Alt Shift X
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- Wights (zombies) can be killed with fire, but we've never seen a white walker (icy blokes) killed by fire - only by dragonglass or Valyrian steel
- Yes, in the real world, longswords are longer than bastard swords. But in ASOIAF, bastard swords are longer than longswords. (Jon VIII, AGOT)
- Yes, in the tv show, Tywin hires a Volantene smith to reforge Ice. But in the books, it's Tobho Mott. (Tyrion IV, ASOS)
- Yes, in the tv show, Brienne names Oathkeeper. But in the books, Jaime names Oathkeeper. (Jaime IX, ASOS)
- No, Arya's sword Needle is not Valyrian steel. It's regular steel forged in Winterfell.
- No, the Iron Throne isn't Valyrian steel
- Yes, Dawn is cool as fuck, but it's never referred to as Valyrian steel.
Yall can stop commenting about this stuff now 😶
infant jones
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@Lady Falcon "but he gets so much wrong" like what exactly? every supposed bit of "misinformation" I've seen has just been from people who haven't read the books thinking they know better and how is he snapping at anyone?
infant jones
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@Shit Cunt how is this whinging lmao
Fuzzy Dunlop
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I refuse to allow the canonization of a mistake GRRM made because he didn't know what a bastard sword was at the time of writing - how would a blade longer than a longsword even be 'bastard' using any logic? They call them bastard swords because they occupy a rough middle-ground between short and long swords. Hence, bastard sword. This is the worst thing I've seen GRRM do since I first heard his pronunciation of 'Dothraki'. So annoying. "HAND AND A HALF" they say that in the books - but no, it's not a sword that can be used with one hand and two hands in a pinch it just has a slightly longer blade - my fucking ass. IT MAKES NO SENSE USING THE INTERNAL LOGIC OF THE BOOK. THIS IS A SHOW-LEVEL MISTAKE. IT'S DUMB. What's even more ridiculous is that the show actually managed to do this correctly - Longclaw is totally a hand-and-a-half sword because you can comfortably place one hand high up and another on the pommel. The jury is still out on if you can screw it off and throw it at a potential enemy, however.
kaz dave
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@Em Campos dawn is the Lightbringer , when it touched by Jhon snow the 'azor ahai' , itll start to throw the flames
jomil lonto
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Jon liezls..... haha
Erica McQueen
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This didn't age well...
Rashaad Liggins
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So much wasted potential for the series
They should have taken their time
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Lol I had so many great ideas yet the writers did nothing
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Or some girl just does the last jedi move, which the dagger her brother was nearly killed by
MaxBrzr - 12 दिन पहले
Lol imagine seeing this after 8.03....
Hersh Shorsh
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*Alt Shift X* : who has the swords that can defeat the white walkers !
*The Directors of Game of thrones* : I'm about to destroy this man's whole career
7.62 x 39
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HeartsBane is one of the coolest Valyrian Steel swords ever made. It has a superior look and it’s also the protector of the men’s realm.
Mr. Dog3
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They kinda forgot about the Lightbringer tho
Mr_Jokes - 15 दिन पहले
A sword doesn’t kill him. Dun dun dun!
Tawawa Everyday
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Aya dagger kill night king
Aravind SR
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4:53 Joffrey he is a nasty little shit 😂😂well said
Vamshi Chaitanya
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"Half-a-song and Half-a-Scream"!
Such a poetic writing! GRRM is a legend
Anime Is dope
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See that’s nice and all but I wanna know how and why it can cut through the white walkers ice and kill them
Hainz Catch-up
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4:51 Brienne named the sword not Jaime, right?
Rafael Santos
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My God, so much potencial wasted in the HBO show.
taliesin halliday
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... and none of it mattered.
John Fleming
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The Joffrey/Catspaw thing is left out of the show fwiw. We’re supposed to think that Littlefinger did it, I think.
xxDrain - 19 दिन पहले
lol nope
troy betsen
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Looks like the white walkers weren’t a threat in season 8
Aaron Gwarcia
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Ice being reforged hurt my heart
pratheek j bhat
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Lady Forlorn
Red Rain
Widow's Wail
arakh ( owned by Caggo)
Dark Sister
Orphan-Maker ( the ancestral sword of House Roxton)
Vigilance ( the ancestral sword of House Hightower )
Alice Mutti
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No one (literally)
Criselle De Guzman
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Isn't Needle made from Valyrian steel?
Hassan Ahmed
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what about Arthur daynes sword
Istahill Stanfield
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Isn't there a knife/razor that is Valyrian steel that is the Bolton's blade? I think the books mention that they use it to flay their victims.
Hunter West
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A bastard sword is shorter than a general longsword in both blade and handle. Every bastard sword is a longsword but not every longsword is a bastard sword. It is shorter to provide the user a viable one handed grip on the blade where as with a normal longsword using one hand alone would be inefficient due to the blade and handles length.
Sithis Edits
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Dylan G
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I thought Brienne was the one who named the sword oathkeeper
Jason Alvarez
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Bro the lore is soo crazy
MUD PIE - महीने पहले
what about thevvalerian steel razor blade?
Larkin Hancock
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How many Valyrian daggers would it take to make a sword?
Xero Of Nine
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yeah too bad the show had shitty writers, i expected to see dark sister again but as we all now know, the final season was a major disappointment..
Jason Sulham
Jason Sulham - महीने पहले
Does John still have longclaw in the last episode
The Earth Is a Cylinder!!
The Earth Is a Cylinder!! - महीने पहले
It's kinda sad realizing that all the theories on this channel were pointless.
Koot - महीने पहले
All theories on all the channels, all just meaningless whatif's that'll never be realized.
Darras Aziz
Darras Aziz - महीने पहले
fire can also kill the walkers
John Doe
John Doe - महीने पहले
Lol what a waste of time it was to seriously analyze this show.
J0ckel - महीने पहले
Aren’t the reynes the guys from castamere?
Crumpsall Liam
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You picked the wrong channel if that was an attempt to appear knowledgable. Go see that Last Harpy Cunt-rag.
August Weberg
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wouldn't it be fun if they weren't
Daniel Rodriguez
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All these hours I spent watching so many amazing theories for nothing
Alicia Banister
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Watching this after the Battle of Winterfell, I’m laughing like “nope, that didn’t happen” “that was actually unimportant” “ that’s actually a good idea though” like 😅
Goepfics - महीने पहले
Or another way is 2 burn them brother
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop - महीने पहले
"Longclaw is a bastard sword which means it's a bit longer than a long sword"
I know that's what GRRM's said but it doesn't even make sense why they'd call them 'bastard swords' in that case - I just think he's covering up his own fuck up and that just makes me
even more.
K. D.
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Not sure what your point it but technically the standard one-handed swords of the medieval period were call arming swords. The next "size" up is the two handed long sword which must be used with 2 hands in normal fighting styles. The type of sword that is in between is called a bastard. Normally bastards are wielded two handed but can be with one but that is atypical. However because long claw is valerian steel it is much lighter and could be wielded like an arming sword. The biggest swords were great swords and they were used in a completely different style of fighting because of its size which was normally as tall or taller than the man wielding it. Modern historical fantasy has confused alot about the classification of swords, but I think GRRM is correct.
ChildeHaroldsKillgrimage - महीने पहले
If the long night happened thousands of years ago, before the discovery of dragons and the rise of the Valyrian freehold, how did they have "dragonsteel"? They were the First Men, there was no steel or iron working in Westeros at all until the Andal invasion.
Sumanta Chakraborty
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We will see it in prequel series maybe.
some oomph
some oomph - महीने पहले
I loved reading about the vulture king in Fire and Blood because I was imagining good ol morbidly obese Sam fighting against a dornish army XD
Errol - महीने पहले
Joffrey named his sword the Widow's Wail. Only one widow wailed and that was Catelyn whose husband Ned owned Ice. Joffrey's own widow didn't really wail for him. She knew he was a cunt.
Finghin McCarthy
Finghin McCarthy - महीने पहले
Watching this after season 8 and all I can think is, oh my sweet summer child.
A Bagel
A Bagel - महीने पहले
'A bastard sword meaning it's a bit longer than a normal long sword' long sword were exclusively two handed weapons and were longer than bastard sword what you were thinking of was an arming sword which is a one handed sword and are often mixed up with long swords
Oliver Warren
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Ah, back when we thought the show was still reaching for this level of complexity.
Token Black
Token Black - महीने पहले
True. It was simple af.
-Cloud- -Nine-
-Cloud- -Nine- - महीने पहले
Im guessing valyrian steel is made from regular steel tempered with dragon fire