Cricbuzz LIVE हिन्दी: सेमीफ़ाइनल 1, भारत v न्यूज़ीलैंड, मिड-इनिंग शो

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Sohan Nayek
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Indian palying ones more......🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
2.R Gamer
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India not deserve final.....
AK knowledge of things
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Tanveer Hussain
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yasir Prince
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Dil ke armaan ansyon main beh gaye😂😹🤣🤪🤒
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madarcudera ahon pok pok kor...
Khan Jaan
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Kyu pagal ho rahe ho mat rowo yaar
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Thirty-nine National Council members of Slovakia jointly sent an open letter to Beijing on December 7, expressing their concern about the state-sanctioned killing of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs in China.

The letter told Chinese leaders that if China wants respect from the international community, the nation should respect human lives. The lawmakers also urged the Chinese president to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and bring the perpetrators to justice, including former Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin, who launched and personally directed the persecution.

On the same day, the documentary “A Decade of Investigation” was screened at the parliament building. In the audience were eleven National Council members and five staff members.

The viewers were shocked by the facts presented in the documentary. They said more people should know about it and offered to help spread the message. Nine lawmakers signed the letter to the Chinese president. They also posted the information on their social media pages.

At a previous meeting with Falun Gong practitioners, National Council members Ondrej Dostal and Peter Osusky condemned the persecution of Falun Gong. They both believed that the international community should take action to help protect human rights, as it is the responsibility of those living in free countries.

From left to right: National Council member Ondrej Dostal, Falun Gong practitioners Marek Tatarko and Wang Haiyan, and National Council member Peter Osusky at a meeting on October 26

The largest TV station in Slovakia, RTVS, interviewed the organizers of a local human body exhibition on November 20 as part of its weekly investigative program, Reporteri, which has a viewership of 60,000. The 15-minute-long program also covered the state-sanctioned organ harvesting crimes in China and its investigation by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. The coverage has drawn widespread public attention.
Fight Mania
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Aap yeh video delete kor dou
Sarfraz Ahmed
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India team shro sy hi chor drwaza dhondti hy
Vishal Verma
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BCCI ko bhi sochna chahiye tha Ritesh Pandey ki jagah ambati Rayudu ko bheja chahiye tha
Rana Yasin
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Ab bs chup ho jaey aj chud gai ha india team semifanl har gai ha salo
Ind lost the match ..
zain khan
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D/L Bahoot hi ganda system he isky loye charcha karo.
or ye khatam karwado
Nafis Ahmad
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Bolinge paich ta
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love is my life love is my life
love is my life love is my life - 8 दिन पहले
Congratulations to newzalnd win the match love from Pakistan
Tayyab Shahbaz
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Phattt k hath mein aa gyeee😂😂
Zohair Najam
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MAA chud gayee aaj India ki
Dev Arora
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Teri ammi chud gyi randike
Khalid Iqbal
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Doosroan ko kamzore naheen samajna
Lofer Janan
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Tari ma ki khus maro kuta k bacha
Lofer Janan
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Dev Arora
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Teri maa ki chut suar k bacche
vipul jha
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Har gyi India, abb band karo bkchodi.
Anam Maniar
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Who is here after losing the semi finals??
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Cp Mehta
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Muskan Status
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India ki har par 😭😭😭😭😭😭me
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Ab lelo louda bhosdi ka...........
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India team ko avi mutro nikkep hoga... IPL champs dn't deserve wc. Sachin Yuvi Gambhir n Raina jaisa player kaha?!!
Gaurav Bedi
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इगंलैड। ने जीतना। है मैच। कप
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India tu geyo
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bhai ajj kisi bi halat me macth jitna hai
sita gautam
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aaj vi baris hui to keya hoga sar ??
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Jai hind
priyesh kumar mishra
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nehara jii yahi soch kr rcb ko le bithe
priyesh kumar mishra
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shi bola n
Tornadoes- The Pro Bombsaquader's
Tornadoes- The Pro Bombsaquader's - 9 दिन पहले
Kharab fielding ke bare me koi nahi bol raha
amit Pandey
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Barish m sale worldcup rkte h
Agr match nhi hua to Newzealand k sathe glt hoga
Nitish kumar giri
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Ye durwan Lewis nahi bakwas Lewis hai
Mukesh Bhavsar
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I'm worried abt rohit's 6 th hundred
Pushkar kumar
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Zaheer khan should be in commentary pannel.
Rahul Goswami
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Rain away Kya hoga
Khushi music company
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इंडिया ही जीतेगा
Love you India
Paras Meena
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Kohli ka lagega Satak
Aryan Creations
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Rohit ka
Roshan Kumar
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India india
Deepak Bhandari
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Deepak Bhandari
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We lve you sir
Shreyansh Dwivedi
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my favourite anchor all time
Kipa Mindh
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Who will win if again rain stopped?
Super duper videos
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Invincible Indian
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ICC is responsible for these debacles..they kept England the venue in June-July despite knowing the rainy season most of the ICC staff are from England so it cannot ban itself but as BCCI dominates the World Cricket so make BCCI the new Cricket Masters..and ofcourse we Indians deserve it..