India vs New Zealand - The Story So Far | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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sohaib Udass
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Asad Mehmood
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Bht Acha hua ke India manhoos har gya isney Pakistan ko nikala tha na ab shodon ko maza aya bichara kohli
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Indian American kids enacting Indian team
Guru Murthi
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INDIA will take the world cup next time, but pakistan, afkanistan... Many will enjoy it, but we the Indians will do good for them and think good for them
Gishan Rumesh
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Ameen Khan
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Hahahha india loose i am very happy saari akad nikal gye
Mazhar Saeed
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Icc is fixed
Shubhanhi Satpute
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Is dhoni is taking retirement
ghost viki
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Rain only win the match i
ghost viki
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I think kedar jadhav will suit this kind of situation he handle pressure but unfortunately he also not selected
deepak deepu
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HiTz Vedios
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Kevin Muthu
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Winning world cup is not just about playing well and earning a trophy. Its a destiny. Think about England the inventors of cricket still finding ways to win a world cup. we were so close to win the tournament and many better teams came close in the past but failed that is why world cup is very special and that is why MS Dhoni is special.
I strongly believe destiny is written for Kane Williamson.
mr. amazing
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At least win the world cup next India.btw congratulations new Zealand love from my side
abhi batata hu
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Jadhav hote to match nikal le jaate. . . . . .
faisal baryalai
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We need to find our nr 3 batter or was it nr 4🙄 no maybe nr 5😳😳.
So hard to find that nr to chase 230
Sh kosala sandaranga
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Without kohli rohit dhoni honestly Indian team going down
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Where are the Pakistanis
Shiv Gupta
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Achaa hua india match har gy newze land use ka baap hai bhosri wala team india i love newzeland i am support only newze land team achaa hua india match har gy hume tho party kr gy india har gy team india nhi chutiya team india hai
Naushad Ahamd
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India India India
Funny Fox
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2 min silence for those people who were thinking that Final between India vs Australia
Naushad Ahamd
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I'm sad my India team
Naushad Ahamd
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icc cricket world cup
Burhan Wani
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Han bhaii India waloo kesa Surprise diya Major Kane Williamson nay ???
maza aya ..........
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Today's kids Don't know about Ms Dhoni. But, we the 2000-2010 school kids we know what MS Dhoni is. What Yuvraj Singh is.
Legends will be Legends always ❤
taniwha whiro
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It would be nice to acknowledge that the NZ bowlers are world class and competitive - especially on an English wicket that is quite like those in NZ.
snjd Islm
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vry sad sad!
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Best wishes for NZ 🇦🇺🏆🇵🇰
Anand Kumar Yadav
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Shubman Gil ko v Shankar ke jagha do
Moon Ninja Gaming
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Jale pe namak chidak raha hai😢😢😢
Like if its true
AĪ MĪMĪEĪEĪR - 6 दिन पहले
Enough 2 icc cups
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wahaab rocker
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Your country dig a hole for Pakistan and they fall down in that hole never underestimate power of God
Mistry Vau
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Hey Indian madarchods how are you feeling now? 😆😆😌
Aditya Ranpise
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We already won 'our' WC when we lost to Eng and when NZ lost to Eng...all the best to both the teams at the finals 😋😛😝😜🤪
Andrew Jones
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Abhi Gupta
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Harry Mahi
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I love india very much
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Turn on captions English (Auto Generated) Now start video from 0:00 .
Thank me later.
I want my like
Ullas Shome
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Brock Lesnar
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3:03or3:04 is best see 😂😂😂😂
Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar
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3:05and3:10 see best haha hahahaha
spookdapoo spookdapoo
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overconfidence kills...learn that foolish Indians.........
Tariq Farooqi
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Ziyada shoor na kry hamasay mulk mai fotgii hoi ha😄😄😄
Israt Jahan
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I'm so happy because New Zaeland is won this match. all the best New Zaeland. love from Bangladesh.
mohan meena
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India india india india
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Rohit & Virat sucks!!!
Sandeep Kumar
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Ztg cjigfcq
Kumar Amber
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Virat should resign from captaincy he has single percent gulity for his captaincy
Sajjad Khan
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Australia== world champion, Pakistan== champion of the champions/ India=====hay still dreaming!