RUN Episode 29, 09/09/19

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Jessie searches for the pen drive which Divya mentioned. Divya goes to Caro’s room while Jessie searches and she comes across an empty pack of capsule medicine. Divya recollects that from the sample pack which Saju gave her and also at her dad’s room. Caro’s mom offers coffee to Divya and asks her if she knows Caro closely. Jessie says she couldn’t find the pen drive. Shakthi calls Jessie and tells her that he is on his way. Divya leaves the house before Shakthi comes.
Shakthi notices her car when he reaches Caro’s house. He gets suspicious. When Shakthi comes inside the house he hears a phone ringing. Shakthi enquires and Jessie says Caro’s friend had come. Shakthi shows Divya’s photo and Jessie says she only had come in the name of Deepika. Shakthi picks up Rudran’s call. Rudran disconnects saying it’s a wrong call. Divya keeps thinking about empty capsule packet and gets confused. Rudran calls Divya on her hospital line and enquires about Shakthi. She realizes she had missed her phone at Caro’s house.
Rudran asks her if she had planned to threaten him through Shakthi. Divya tells Rudran that Shakthi is her boyfriend and missed her phone while she had gone to meet him. Rudran asks her to tell the truth and she tells him that she is not lying. Rudran asks Divya to ask Shakthi to come to the mall. Divya is confused how to handle this. Divya calls Shakthi. Shakthi asks her why she had come to Caro’s house. Divya asks him to come to a place. Divya apologises to Shakthi and tells him that she will tell the reason for going to Caro’s house when he comes to meet her.
Divya gets furious on Shakthi later calms down. She asks Shakthi to come to the rooftop area of SS mall. Shakthi agrees. Shakthi waits for Divya. Shakthi asks Divya to tell the reason for coming to Caro’s house. Rudran is watching them at a distance. Shakthi refuses to accept that she had come to meet Caro’s family casually. She asks him to give her phone but he refuses to give until she tells the real reason for going to Caro’s house.

Rudran calls Divya on her phone. Shakthi asks her why she is getting tensed on receiving the call. He asks Divya about the person calling her. Divya attends the call.Rudran asks Divya if Shakthi is her boyfriend and suspects their relationship after seeing them fight. Divya looks for Rudran and asks him if she can leave.
Rudran says he can’t trust Shakthi to be her boyfriend and asks her prove that Shakthi is her lover.He threatens her to kill family if she refuses to agree. Divya asks Rudran not to do anything and agrees to do what Rudran says. Divya kisses Shakthi. Shakthi is taken back. Divya shares an initimate kiss with Shakthi. Rudran asks Divya to be with Shakthi until he asks her to leave. Divya asks Shakthi to come with her.

Divya did extremely well showing her confusion, fright. Shakthi is in the picture now and he is caught in the web just like Divya. He can’t escape Rudran’s eagle eye. Now Divya and Shakthi are forced to be in touch with one another though they have their own set of problems to handle. Divya could only see an empty capsule pack and couldn’t figure out anything. Time has come now for the leads to team up to fight the baddies. Shakthi was good too and he got a clue that Divya is in some deep trouble. Story is heating up now. Will Divya’s kiss lead the duo into a beautiful relationship?
The latest video of the latest offering from Vikatan Televistas - RUN. Welcome the team of Krishna, Sharanya, Nizhalgal Ravi & others as they come together under the Vikatan stable to give us a romantic thriller called RUN. Hope it meets your expectations. Also talked about as Deivamagal Prakash's next serial on Sun TV! Here begins our new journey with this roller coaster of a romantic thriller!
After the blockbusters Kolangal, Thirumathi Selvam, Thendral, Deivamagal and Naayagi, here comes another offering - a Tamil daily soap from Vikatan, and this one is a romantic thriller directed by Amaravathi (Ajith) fame Selva, featuring Krishna (Prakash from Deivamagal) and Sharanya Turadi of Nenjam Marappathillai fame along with Navya Swamy (Pooja from Vani Rani).
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Shakthi boy frnd edewa sollanum🤣dramas
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Divya ku pesa waradha. Nonsense
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Thambi ruthra unakku aravinda Samy nenappaa DA po.....
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Ammau thangachiu koil poirukanglaa..thangachi dha foreign poitangal
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Congrats vikatan for 5million subscribers
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Dhivya Nalla act panranga super
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Super super super super 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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SAKTHI unmaiyavea CAROLINAVA virumbala Divya kiss pannumbothu Carolina niyabagam varula unakku
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Very nice episode. ..
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Ear. 15th a


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Sadana Pattha Sathya Mathiriye Irukku Face...😉😉😍😍
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Villan nalla mama vela pakuraru🤣
Indo Lanka Food Channel
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Villan nalla varuva pa😂
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Lakashmi store
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Today episode podunga run serial
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Yanna sir 10 o clock 🕒 mathetega la so sad 😔
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Today episode super
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Can anyone say y divya said sakthi as her boy friend 🤔
msuguna msc
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Villana Ipadi hero heroine Sethu vaikran.anal Matha seriala piritchi vaikranga.example zee tamil serials.vilanuku award kodunga.
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இந்த ஒரு சீரியல் போதும் நமக்கு
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Worst Acting by Saranya. Sagikala
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Today episode mass performance about sakthi divya vera level 😘😘😍
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Semma semma .divya and shakithi mass acting
amitha jesus
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super seriol
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Semma serial
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Background music also awesome 👏
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Divya yen boy find nu solanum find nu madum solalamey
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Nan theta ponenu solla ventithanaa....
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Divya actin great ..
Karthik Kumar
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Background music amazing...🥁
Siva Indiran
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Rudra bro semma handsum
Love u bro.ur acting excellent
Ganesan Shobana
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I like rudhara ungalukum seekirum ipadi oru incident nadaga valthugal dr vilan
Vignesh. M
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Super episode continue 👍👍👍👍
K V Subramanian
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This Divya is totally confused about what is going around her. She needs somebody she can trust. Same thing for Sakthi also. They are going to join hands to solve the problems. before that all these drama will happen. this sakthi should be a fool. She is crying while talking in the phone , even kissing time. He is not able understand something is wrong
Chagana Karunaivel
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Correct ai sonnenka, anal Divya Shakthiyidam enna sonnalun Shakthi athai nampa maddar. Ellam Divya plan enru than solvar. so iruvarum sera konjam time edukkum.
ARO DEEPA - महीने पहले romantic😊
Priya K
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Paavam divya
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No visible
Revathi Raman
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Vision theriala only audio tha yyy😥😥😥
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Uravu kondadi bhathagam seyyum chithappa. Ethai parthal urave vendam enru thonuthay.
Mohammad ali Jamal
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Mohammad ali Jamal
Mohammad ali Jamal - महीने पहले
Today's episode awesome ...RUN Going on track now... what a excellent background music ...TODAYS RUN Episode same like Hollywood movie .... once again my best wishes to total RUN TEAM WORK ....KEEP IT UP....
6 heart
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One of the boring serial in top 3 serials of sun tv
vanisha super sembha vani
vanisha super sembha vani - महीने पहले
Nyamana vishayatha pesu toola serial pakkara enggalukku kaduppu varuthu
vanisha super sembha vani
vanisha super sembha vani - महीने पहले
Hey tivvya nee enna muttala..correta pesu first
charlet nancy
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🙄🙄ayayo Ena ithu sakthi Ena kiss kudutha amaithiya erukan
Chandan Srinivasan
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Villain semma smart
Joshua T
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Enda natural edungadaa ivan enna villain illa mamaava. Enda first time antha private numberlai irunthu call vanthaappo sakthi silenta irundthu villain thaanavae Divyava merati atha paththu Sakthiku Divya mela oru sympathy varai mathri kattirukkalam athai vittuputtu ippadi kanaithanama edukkiringalaedaa.
Janu Rizzu
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Semme interesting poguthu serial
Arunachalam Raja
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Prakash(Sakthi) Anne Thivya LOVE start aakiduchu, ini Prakash Anne pirachanaiya parthukuvaar
Anitha vigneshwaran
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Pavam Divya, prakash help pana paravala
Farveen Shahana
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Run serial is a story from turkey drama kara para ask... Iam happy vikaden for changing the trend of tamil serial...
Srinivas Rao
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Strange way of asking a girl to prove him as her boyfriend!
Deepa Ananthakumar
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Y dhivya kku mattum ivlo problem
krishna murthy sangeetha
krishna murthy sangeetha - महीने पहले
Itha best of run la podunga
Deepika Darl
Deepika Darl - महीने पहले
Divya ne boy frnd nu poi sonnalum nallatha irukku continue
Jayabalu - महीने पहले
Excellent 👍👌 story
Jai Melkote
Jai Melkote - महीने पहले
Divya's acting with Rudra threatening her was too good! Shakthi also acted very well while talking to Divya!! Divya has done superb acting!!!