Everything Wrong With AirPods | Untangled

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Where the i30 tws gang
Kitso Jerrald
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Return the head phones jack please
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Get beats
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**watches with airpods**
Frank Serota
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this video was made by an android user
x iDropKillz x
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You pay the extra money for the luxury of having touch controls the simple charging and the simplicity of opening the box up and putting them in that’s it. Almost 0 setup. Anyone who complains about the AirPods sound quality is reaching. They sound good and really good at that. More than anyone who listens to music will hear.
x iDropKillz x
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Oh we’re talking about their wastefulness how they will end up in a landfill. This seems like you guys had a goal to bash AirPods and you went through until you completed ur goal
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Are those palomino black wings?
Caleboss mobile gamer
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I would get airpods.....
if they didnt cost ONE HUNDRED SIXTY BUCKS
like cmon apple
Alek Bustamante
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All you have to say is is hey Siri.. don’t even have to double tap.
Person Dude
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How are they expensive? 160 for these is a really good price and I use Powerbeats pro which are 250
2cool4yothegamer - 10 घंटे पहले
If these air pods were like 30-50$ i would be fine buying them but hell no aint spending 150$ on some cheap ass sounding earphones. Most people who haven't been immersed in the audio market and have used tons of headphones wont notice but that is not the case for me.
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apple headphones are really uncomfortable in my ears, I don't know how other people wear them.
Dingus Doogus
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well for me its the most comfortable and it doesnt fall out like other earphones ive tried.
Anil Mhatre
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Apple Released Airpods and lost audio jack
OnePlus released Wireless Head band, lost Audio jack
And now Samsung released Wireless ear buds and lost audio jack!!
Coincidence? Definitely not.
Akil Squire-Harvey
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Anyone watching on AirPods
Gurpreet Josan
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Just buy clone from ali express , work perfectly ,cost $25
Mario Angel Ruiz
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I used to buy one and tried them for a week, but I returned them because I didn’t like them since yeah the battery but it could fall out easier than other earbuds...
Saucy M
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People only buy things for the brand. Even if itll cost them more than a different pair, their goal is to impress hint the saying "dress to impress" including accessories. The only reason they buy these overpriced airpods if because of the brand, apple. Even if theres a cheaper better pair of headphones at walmart, people will always go for name brand, even if its worse quality than something cheaper that has higher quality but no big brand attached to it. Or how people make fun of android, even if a certain model of android is better than a iphone, most will choose the iPhone because it's a big name in the electronics world n it's not dragged through the dirt as much as android.
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This is why I buy fake ones that are pretty much the same 😂
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This is just a ad
RandomVidz TV
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Get Samsung Pods
StarchyMC - दिन पहले
No one's gonna mention how they may not fit?
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I love my airpods
My name is George
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I know that AirPods have some flaws but AirPods are absolutely fantastic. Nothing beats the feeling of just popping them In your ear, asking Siri to play music and AirPods pausing when you take them out. AirPods are the best
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Who’s watching this with their Airpods on
gdfiehbskfie - दिन पहले
me: clicks on as she wears her airpods
Big shrimp 1245
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Currently watching with my AirPods in
Juul Juice
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Lmao you still have to buy new iPhones anyway
YourRightAirpod - दिन पहले
They're literally perfect
Juniør - दिन पहले
AirPods 2 are water proof and they much faster and better
V Lund
V Lund - दिन पहले
Me listening to this video with my air pods and never having any of these problems
Me after watching this video: 😐
Littlemix Fan
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The only thing with AirPods is that they fall out your ears. I dropped my brothers in the toilet and still haven’t told him as they still work. When he wants somat and I say no he’ll be like you can’t use my AirPods. Me : trust me I don’t want to . 😂😂😂😂
Thicc Arab
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Me listening to this with my AirPods:😳
Archangel Tyrael
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So they make a faulty product and then let you pay for the repair? Lmao.
Cameron B
Cameron B - दिन पहले
If you want an Apple product for around 100$ get Powerbeats
Masoud Afzali
Masoud Afzali - दिन पहले
but if you wante smaller one who dont look like those old ass bluetooth earbuds that was mainly used by fat business men in the 90s but jabra elite, small, around the same price and great quality
xMeowPvP - दिन पहले
I am just not poor
food 04
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but we want dat clout 🤙
ElmerF - दिन पहले
I'm glad I could still use my wired earphones with my phone with a headphone jack...
sayrah - दिन पहले
I bought them for running.... now i lowkey regret
Trill - दिन पहले
My AirPods last all day , 24/7 and the other earbuds are super ugly
Avinash Singh
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Yest some dumb fks will still buy 100 dollar cuetips
Răzvan-George Sturzu
Răzvan-George Sturzu - दिन पहले
with that much money you can buy decent overhead headphones
TECHY MIKE GAMER HuntX - दिन पहले
It makes me look rich xD
jonah ramos
jonah ramos - दिन पहले
Their kind of perfect to be honest. Except for sound quality
EverybodyH8s Jayden
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I like how I’m watching this video while using air pods
Clash With Chuy - Clash Royale And Brawl Stars
Samsung Has Joined The Chat
zohaib munir
zohaib munir - 2 दिन पहले
$30 is the right price....people just buy it because they have been owned by Apple brand phobia.
TysoTippy - 2 दिन पहले
I named my airpods Samsung Smart Fridge. Fake flex
Zachy outdoors
Zachy outdoors - 2 दिन पहले
listening on airpods
Ben Checkmen
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Bottom line is people buy AirPods because you look more normal wearing them than any other wireless earphone.
Douglas Olson
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Let me tell you little weirdos at Tech Insider a story. Lost one of my air pods outside on the curb. Couldn’t find it for two weeks. We had two big rainstorms intertwined with hot sun. A neighbor kid finally found it about50 yards down the street. Sure enough it was my lost AirPods. It had even yellowed a bit on one side from the sun. Put on the charger, and boom, it worked. That was a year ago. Still use those same AirPods and they still hold a good charge as well. I’m damn sure your alternatives wireless buds would not have lasted two rainstorms and two weeks later! So gnaw on that pinheads.
Annita La Bananita
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That’s NOT TRUE AirPods ARE water proof, my AirPods were on my pants when I was washing them anddd then one of my AirPods got wet with water from my bathtub...They still work perfectly
Fernando Mejia
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Who is listening with airpods
ipop Memes
ipop Memes - 2 दिन पहले
This is why I buy headphones
KPalz Rhein
KPalz Rhein - 2 दिन पहले
In other words, don’t get these stupid buds!!!!
TysoTippy - 2 दिन पहले
KPalz Rhein already got em doe
Kirby Wilson
Kirby Wilson - 2 दिन पहले
My airpods have never died and I don’t think the earbuds have ever been blow 50% and the case has only ever gone below 50% once or twice. I can’t hear traffic but I don’t live in a city. I also wear them in the rain and they were fine. Another thing, they’ve never fell out of my ears, even in the wind.
CombatHD - 2 दिन पहले
their too small for my indian ears
AquaticEntity - 2 दिन पहले
How to get Airpods that will last:
Step 1: Be born with hearing loss
Step 2: Get hearing aids with Bluetooth
Least that's how I did it! 😂😂
chris thompson
chris thompson - 2 दिन पहले
air pods suck i have wierless beats solo 3
Sosig - 2 दिन पहले
I mean I’ve been having them for 2 years and took them to work and run and they work fine
benadryl cabbagepatch
benadryl cabbagepatch - 2 दिन पहले
Airpods are just a status symbol. They're trash for their price
V_ Syncc
V_ Syncc - 3 घंटे पहले
Ronin I don’t do wired cause I keep mine in my pockets and it takes me 10 minutes to untangle them and most retailers still use the old headphone jack
Ronin - 7 घंटे पहले
benadryl cabbagepatch but cost less do thats why im using em
benadryl cabbagepatch
benadryl cabbagepatch - 8 घंटे पहले
@Ronin they sound the same as the airpods
Ronin - 11 घंटे पहले
Lol im using wired
- MarsADHD -
- MarsADHD - - 19 घंटे पहले
If AirPods were not by Apple, no one would buy it.