“The north remembers”: is there a Grand Northern Conspiracy?

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Kevin Croughan
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A spoiler warning would of been appreciated
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown - दिन पहले
Where is the long ass revue wrote?
Lightsellful - 6 दिन पहले
The title is off. It comes from the show, where "the North remembers" is very much a stark-loyality phrase. Check asearchoficeandfire though. It's there only four times. Firstly, by Robb, about the Karstarks, meaning family loyality and unity, but against the Starks (him). Then, Wyman Manderly says it, after talking about the Freys and the RW, not at all about the Starks. Then, Barbrey Dustin says, it, also about the RW and the Freys, while smiling "a thin, feral smile" at a Frey. And lastly, in TWOW, Stannis says it, about the times the Boltons and the Ironborn hurt the North. It's not at all a phrase of affectionate loyalty to the Starks. It's purely vengeful (which of course again is often only the mirrored side of loyalty). (Preston Jacobs pointed all this out once)
Bradders -
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If the tullys marched north and the northerners marched south and slaughtered the freys then their combined armies would likely outnumber the boltons, also the arryns are possible now as the boltons do not have lannister support they would be more likely to help the starks as they know they are safer with starks as allies instead of boltons as enemies
Bradders -
Bradders - - 7 दिन पहले
The book conspiracy is so much more interesting than the shows way of doing it, they still couldve done a huge battle of the bastards style battle but had more content from the political mess of the north
Matej Marić
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There is not.
MistaZiggy - 11 दिन पहले
A very uplifting video, it’s nice to think that in the scummy world of Ice and Fire there is respect, love and loyalty for the Starks who did a good job overall
carl hiller
carl hiller - 21 दिन पहले
Doesn't Lady Dustin hate the Starks??
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
I don't think she hates them, but she does not like them either.
Ti Bot
Ti Bot - 23 दिन पहले
Imagine if this resulted in civil war in the North, some pushing for Rickon, others for Jon, others still for Bran.
Sidak Bhatia
Sidak Bhatia - 7 दिन पहले
​@Ti Bot they arent that much loyal. That's a stereotype you get by watching the show.The manderlys are largely in it for vengance against boltons for death of their son at red wedding. Lady dustin and karstarks hate house stark. The flints also dont care much about who controls winterfell. The skagosi too hate winterfell and infact all northerners. This hate is mutual and they(skagosi) now have rickon.The only houses I could say with certainity are loyal to starks to the bone are the reeds,the umbers and the mountain clans all of whom are minor players unlike manderlys and lady dustin and even skagosi who have rickon and a fresh army.
Ti Bot
Ti Bot - 8 दिन पहले
@Sidak Bhatia I thought it unlikely because if the Northern houses are so loyal, I doubt they would put one unwilling brother against the other (I imagine both Jon and Bran would step back).
Sidak Bhatia
Sidak Bhatia - 9 दिन पहले
thats almost certain in the books
A_A - 24 दिन पहले
Is it already confirmed that Jon will be revived though? What if George trolls the fans and doesn't revive Jon? what if these conspiracies just go down the drain? hmmmm...
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
Most of this can still happen with Jon dead. He is not one of those they are fighting for to be Lord of Winterfell.
Dobre Ion
Dobre Ion - 28 दिन पहले
9/11 was a northern conspiracy
sendapez - 28 दिन पहले
This was exhausting.
The Green Baron
The Green Baron - 29 दिन पहले
When theory videos are better than what the show gave us...
utubrGaming - महीने पहले
So to sum it up:
Every noble family between the Neck and the Wall fucking hates the Bolton's and Freys, and are waiting for a Stark to show up before showing the Boltons just how fucked they are and how much the North remembers.
Mike Jones
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It called:chaos
Darduel - महीने पहले
two years later, d&d answer : "nope"
Lord Costayne
Lord Costayne - महीने पहले
two years later, its still about the books
Mitch Connor the 3rd
Mitch Connor the 3rd - महीने पहले
No there is not 😂😂
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
@dann ...And this video is not about the show, retard.
dann - 29 दिन पहले
Lord Costayne they are referring to the show Retard
Lord Costayne
Lord Costayne - महीने पहले
no? have you even read the books?
Joshua Addol
Joshua Addol - महीने पहले
This presentation style is top notch.
Andrew Hale
Andrew Hale - महीने पहले
I feel like the Charlie Kelly meme from Its Always Sunny after watching this
David Uziel
David Uziel - महीने पहले
“Bran is still a tree” 😂
Potato Club
Potato Club - महीने पहले
well i guess with that new sytem in Westeros its most likely that Bronn and his family will rule. He has Highgarden which is the most valuable city regarding on foods, also he is master of coin. So he now can intimidate the nobles at new elections to not send them food or bribe them with money to vote for him or his sons.
Semka7a - महीने पहले
the NECC
Tawonga the Roman Centurion
Tawonga the Roman Centurion - महीने पहले
Looking forward to Red Wedding 2.0
Noire - महीने पहले
Dan and Dave: lmao nah.
Setiawan Setiawan
Setiawan Setiawan - महीने पहले
Their loyalty is inspiring
Drumgol - महीने पहले
Well....I guess there was a Grand Northern Conspiracy ... Sansa, Bran and Jon I suppose.
Student 1
Student 1 - महीने पहले
And that isn't even taking into account the Frey civil war and the Vale intervemtion that's going to happen in the Riverlands. This plus Littlefinger's conspiracy to make Sansa Qeen of the North will only make the whole damn thing a mess from which only the White Walkers can profit.
Stoneryoda 937
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Stoneryoda 937
Stoneryoda 937 - महीने पहले
The north is the others & they remember the last hero & his 12 men
PoseidonProductions - महीने पहले
Who’s here after season 8? Lol
AKdsad100 - महीने पहले
There are 3 different conspiracies 1. River for Jon 2 Manderly and co for Rickon 3 Northern clans using Stannis for Bran... I think will finish as Bran come back from the North, Rickon dies tragically and Jon becomes king through ironically Lady Stoneheart.... Martins genius shines really bright through the Northern plots...
Theo Noble
Theo Noble - महीने पहले
Can we get an Oldtown episode? We got the coming naval battle, Marwyn, Pate, Euron and Lord Hightower and the Magic Maid
Killer Queen
Killer Queen - महीने पहले
This is so, so good. I'm so hyped.
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark - महीने पहले
Fuck man...this fool GRRM needs to hurry up & write the next fucking book.
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
Kasino Kaiser
Kasino Kaiser - महीने पहले
I'd like to see how Roose and Ramsay react when their disgruntled vassals turn on them in the midst of battle and encircle the outnumbered Bolton loyalists
Dias - महीने पहले
After the final season, the answers to all the theories are either "nothing" or "no"
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
@Dias 🙄
Dias - महीने पहले
@Gormon Peake Like I said, my comment is pointing out how even the show set up some of these things but left them completely unsolved by the end.
Gormon Peake
Gormon Peake - महीने पहले
@Dias he uses clips from the show also for other videos which are only about the books. The video was released after the Starks took Winterfell back( in the show) which is also said in the video. Everything is book stuff, what already happened in the books and what is likely to happen
Dias - महीने पहले
@Gormon Peake if none of these had anything to do with the show, trust me he would never use any clips for the show. Also my comment was not criticism towards his videos, it is more of a criticism to how stupidly the show ended, with all these loose threads.
Gormon Peake
Gormon Peake - महीने पहले
all the book quotes all the things he talks about that never happened in the show he even says "in the books" and you still think this is about the show? seriously?
Haz - महीने पहले
Should of been 3 more seasons on the show and they should of switched the politics up into the north like this. And a better white walker plot line!
Emmanuel emmanuel
Emmanuel emmanuel - महीने पहले
You forgot the plot to restore Sansa to the North By Littlefinger in the Vale.
AKdsad100 - महीने पहले
I think he left it because it not a Northern conspiracy...
Erik Jakobsson
Erik Jakobsson - महीने पहले
listening to this and compare this to the show. Still the best show ever?
Joseph Courtright
Joseph Courtright - महीने पहले
Stannis would happily put a Stark in the North as long as that Stark recognizes him as liege.
xxphoeniixx xx
xxphoeniixx xx - महीने पहले
Joseph Courtright He even offered Jon the Stark name, Wintefell, and being the Warden of the North, in exchange for bending the knee.
William swordsman
William swordsman - महीने पहले
so this was wrong
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron - 21 दिन पहले
The books are not out yet.
Lord Costayne
Lord Costayne - महीने पहले
this is about the BOOKS
Emma - महीने पहले
These videos are better than the show I'm hooked and I love the format!
Quaid Dalton
Quaid Dalton - महीने पहले
Still pissed how the whole north remembers got condensed into a single old woman who gets flayed. Everyone else in the north fucking forgot.
Yoga Dork
Yoga Dork - महीने पहले
I hope northern men in the books are more loyal than those flip flopping show northmen.
varun009 - महीने पहले
If it actually went down like this, it would have been much better.
David James
David James - महीने पहले
Are there any other Starks around, like out at 3rd or 4th cousin level from Jon and Sansa et al? Of course they might have died in the various battles or the Red Wedding.
Shibasis Ghosh
Shibasis Ghosh - महीने पहले
TL;DR - The Boltons are fucked.
eatass - महीने पहले
Jon in the books is not a Targeryean, other than that good video
C B - महीने पहले
Hi I'm from the Future......it gets so much worse
Kimmminem West
Kimmminem West - महीने पहले
So it all worked out for the Starks