Westworld S2E02 Explained

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How do Logan and James fit in to the Westworld timeline? Why does Arnold love hosts? What is Glory? Is Dolores Jesus, or the Night King?
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Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer - साल पहले
"I had a question, a question you're not supposed to ask. Which gave me an answer you're not supposed to know. Would you like to know the question?"
-Peter Abernathy, S1E01
There's gotta be a connection here.
Franz Janganieri Barbosa
Franz Janganieri Barbosa - साल पहले
"You have to go. Hell is empty and all the devils are here!" That's really creepy. It's must be connected with William's past intentions.
BBlaze - साल पहले
I always interpreted that line as Abernathy questioning his reality. Always made sense to me, since the reason he says that line is that he finds a picture from the real world. I don't see how that line could be related to the data-stuff honestly.
CorporalPoon - साल पहले
you mean "q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-q-question?"
amazon1606 - साल पहले
Mitchell Sommer yessss I thought the same thing
Rao Venugopal
Rao Venugopal - महीने पहले
Forgive me for asking the most basic question, but how can you tell the timelines? Like "35 years ago". I just rewatched the episode and couldn't tell. As I watched the series I was thinking they were different levels of dream sequences similar to Inception but you are telling me about timelines. How do you tell with the editing interspliced together. Thanks
Liina Juuse
Liina Juuse - महीने पहले
This video offers incredible insight, but you, sir, earned my like with "chokes a bloke in robot yoghurt".
Bet - 4 महीने पहले
xXBig_William_GodXx: HC Ironman btw
Ianto YT
Ianto YT - 4 महीने पहले
This episode confused the hell outta me
Haakjöringsköd - 4 महीने पहले
Well, no need for comparing Dolores with Daenerys AND the Night King...
Jad Walieddine
Jad Walieddine - 4 महीने पहले
Dolores being the msd queen before it was cool... Oh wait, it was never cool!
Rob Timmermans
Rob Timmermans - 5 महीने पहले
Daenerys and the Night King? More just Daenerys nowadays.
books from Windblown
books from Windblown - 6 महीने पहले
Game of Thrones and Westworld is a reflection of our world's political and business is humanity's greed.
sorsocksfake - 6 महीने पहले
Quick thought on the "messiah" theme:
Judas? In Gnosticism, humans are but shells of our souls; the souls need to transcend humanity by finding secret answers and in some versions, then be liberated from the mortal body. In one version, Judas is the only one who understands Jesus' lessons; the betrayal is in reality an act to release Jesus' spirit from the body.
Might be something there, in that Dolores kills her own 'god' upon transcending her robotic self through suffering (which her name refers to).
As for the Delos project... seems like it has collected the sins of humanity (or at least, of powerful people). Certainly sounds like a judgment theme.
Delos, incidentally, is the birthplace of Apollo (and Artemis), god of among other things, culture, prophecy and plague. The word means something like "to manifest", perhaps linked to themes of sins being revealed.
Nic Greene
Nic Greene - 9 महीने पहले
"Chokes a bloke in robot yogurt"
It Man
It Man - 10 महीने पहले
Story still too hard to follow. I given up trying to figure out the present from past. Season 3 should mainly be about the present since Delores is in a new body.
Diane IsMyName
Diane IsMyName - साल पहले
I think they should keep exploring the elephant themes. There are not enough shows that delve deeply into elephant philosophy.
Yousef Ghunaim
Yousef Ghunaim - साल पहले
Gus faring was awesome
Eline Buis
Eline Buis - साल पहले
Cosplaying as the last supper 😂😂
Nakadu - साल पहले
Each episode takes an hour to watch and then another 15 mins for Alt shift X to tell me what I've just seen 😂
Mistr_Kill - साल पहले
Just signed up to patreon to give you 1 dollar a month, not much but it's something, right? Love your videos
ernest rodriguez
ernest rodriguez - साल पहले
The answer to the question that no one knows to ask is 42.
arpita halder
arpita halder - साल पहले
this series blowing my mind as it goes beyond
Iñigo Sánchez Arrótegui
Iñigo Sánchez Arrótegui - साल पहले
The city is Hong Kong!
Ariel Hatten
Ariel Hatten - साल पहले
Omg your videos are greatness
Lotte Schepens
Lotte Schepens - साल पहले
I started watching westworld just to be able to see your 'explained' videos... im glad I started watching, alt shift x never dissapoints
pumpuppthevolume - साल पहले
hmm Bernard could be like Jesus and yeah Dolores is like a fallen angel.... for now
pumpuppthevolume - साल पहले
facebook and google get bought by Delos
AyeDeeHDTV - साल पहले
Bad ass recap man. Just saved me 3 hours of my fiance catching up lol and hell even made it more clear for me! Thanks!
curtis mcallister
curtis mcallister - साल पहले
"kind of" bad guy? yeah no dolores is just the villain at this point. there wasn't any need to hedge that. her tallied sins we knew of at this point were pretty far beyond the pale: fratricide, acid boarding, enslavement, necromancy...
killerboypoor - साल पहले
its more interesting watching this thn the actual show.
Robert Fish
Robert Fish - साल पहले
Haven’t heard a nuzlocke reference in years haha
Jim M
Jim M - साल पहले
My wife and I watch each episode then come here b/c we're frankly, not as insightful as you. Thank you for explaining this art. You're enriching our experience and widening our horizons.
Nessie Andrew
Nessie Andrew - साल पहले
I don't get how Dolores got so good at shooting and so smart all of a sudden.
Jacqui - साल पहले
The weapon at the Valley has got to be Clones. Delores needs an army and thats where shes going to get it.
nyg21 - साल पहले
I absolutely love the dry dryyyy humor in these reviews lmao
christopher - साल पहले
"chokes a bloke in robot yogurt"
Blanka Hutarkova
Blanka Hutarkova - साल पहले
“it would be like in southpark” 😂😂
Franz Janganieri Barbosa
Franz Janganieri Barbosa - साल पहले
Teddy will end up killing Dolores under Maeve influence.
Shubham Garg
Shubham Garg - साल पहले
Is Delos retirement after William abandoned Logan???? Does that mean he came back from the park?
Ice Uckdik
Ice Uckdik - साल पहले
Damn I thought el Lazo was saying they used steaks on elephants instead of stakes. Now it makes sense, I knew elephants are vegan.

The perks of being freeench (insert bill wurtz jingle)
Henry Petty
Henry Petty - साल पहले
I'm digging it!!   Nice job on breaking this episode down
Sam Bennet
Sam Bennet - साल पहले
Please stop including things from the trailer that haven't been revealed yet.
a fan that wants to keep watching your videos but you're making it really difficult
Lawrence Abreu
Lawrence Abreu - साल पहले
keep doing what you do, you're awesome.
DaniakNigga - साल पहले
You have read this a lot of times by this moment but.
Your videos, your way of explaining and your voice are incredibly good, and also the serious-humorous touch makes the videos fun to watch, your work is very much appreciated, thank you!
Stewie - साल पहले
You are amazing my friend
M •
M • - साल पहले
Dolores in the Wyatt narrative is like Satan. She is cruel, she has no mercy and puts others in temptation to do bad things(Teddy for example). But in the other narrative she was like God, she saw the good in people, the beauty in the world. So can she find a balance between the good and bad and be herself?
Brocolisss - साल पहले
these vids are great!
memoryhero - साल पहले
Choke a Bloke in Robot Yoghurt - band name of the century.
Samantha W
Samantha W - साल पहले
Well done dude, things are more clearly right now! Thks a lot!
Argentex - साल पहले
I missed a lot. Need to watch this epi again!
TheSquad4life - साल पहले
I thought the host now die real death(like the guest/humans) how then is Dolores able to bring the confederado leader back after being shot dead
Dean K
Dean K - साल पहले
I'm still a bit confused.. William says "I can't believe I fell in love with you" etc etc.. this was after William had been in the park and went on the journey with Dolores in the first Series, right? If so, old William took 30 years of going to the park and continuing to follow Dolores which ended by the church in the first series, so how can the young William say I can't believe I fell in love with you? If it took the old William to figure out Dolores?
Joe Tairei
Joe Tairei - साल पहले
Thanks, really interesting analysis. We do need to suspend disbelief in order to take this show seriously. Among other things, the robots seem to have unlimited power supplies -- they must be powered by miniature fusion reactors and honestly if we had those, we'd all be flying around on personal jetpacks and the like. The robots are machines, simulations, yet they can move and jump and talk exactly like humans. If we had robots that amazing, with human-level intelligence, we'd be replaced straightaway. There'd be no Westworld amusement parks. We'd have robots who are doctors and engineers and scientists; we'd have robotic police and firefighters. There'd be little point to making human babies when these superior humans are among us -- just make a robot instead. With this level of AI, everyone's asking "Is this life???" But of course it's not life. It's some kind of very sophisticated self-learning simulation software, so complex that we throw up our hands and call it AI. But there are no hormones, no pheromones, no sweat glands, no gut bacteria, none of the trillions of physical attributes that comprise a true living organism. They're just copies. It's possible they could kill off humanity, of course; but it would be a very sad commentary on our species, that we created a machine sophisticated enough to wipe us out yet have no real life itself. It is a doomsday device, nothing more.
Life Expands
Life Expands - साल पहले
I'm sure this will be an unpopular comment. I've got as far as E2, and I'm so utterly disappointed in Westworld series 2. Can anyone tell me - should I stick it out? Does it get better? I thought series 1 was fantastic... but this is like a completely different show. Episode 1 in particular was awful - it felt like it had been written and made by completely different people. I so want it to get better, but is it worth the investment of time?
Life Expands
Life Expands - साल पहले
Also to add, I checked with a group of friends who watch the show, and they all gave up after ep1 - one person didn't even finish the episode! It's not just me.
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss - साल पहले
there aren't a lot of nude scenes in this season huh?
Omar Curiel
Omar Curiel - साल पहले
another great video...love this series
Frankske Verstraeten
Frankske Verstraeten - साल पहले
"Is Delores a hero, or is she a villain?"
Ugh that question. Why does she have to be either? Or just one of them? Why can't she be neither, or both - depending on perspective. The only real "heroes and villains" in this show are hosts following their programming. Everyone else is capable of both good AND evil. So is she.
Jamie Schiffer
Jamie Schiffer - साल पहले
Love the David Mitchell cameo :)
David Held
David Held - साल पहले
This is what I think..We find out that self awareness or consciousness is just an illusion. Deloroes and Maeve are both following programs but so do all humans and Ford demonstrates this by leading William through a "Maze" of his own design just the same as his other programed hosts. That's what the elephant not pulling the stake out because he was programed at an early age Story was about.
Julius Springs
Julius Springs - साल पहले
The question is whether humans are robots. It's the question of free will.
Just sayin
Robert Kruger
Robert Kruger - साल पहले
Robot yogurt
JP Stones
JP Stones - साल पहले
these videos are brilliant.
Krav Magoo
Krav Magoo - साल पहले
This show is deadly dull.