Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer #2 Breakdown

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What does the second Game of Thrones trailer tell us about Season 6? What's happening at the Wall? How might Sansa get revenge on the Freys? What's going on with Arya? Who's the new red woman in Meereen? What's happening to Daenerys? Where is Yara/Asha going? What's going on in King's Landing with Cersei and Jaime? And what's happening beyond the Wall?
This video contains ADWD spoilers.
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Oona Cooper
Oona Cooper - 4 महीने पहले
why am i binge watching these videos after finishing season 8 when i have exams tomorrow
Al Goody
Al Goody - 7 महीने पहले
Im running through breakdowns of every season to refresh before the final 6 episodes that start in a month. Watch JUST the 2 season-6 trailer breakdowns, he fuckin called damn near everything in the season, with few missteps. Truly impressive...
MrMelloCountry - 2 साल पहले
Watching this now, it just amazes me how they all seem to know what was going to happen, and how close to being right they actually were.
Arun Gattu
Arun Gattu - 2 साल पहले
Man that was kinda spot on
worth watching s07 trailer breakdown
Beatrice Arie
Beatrice Arie - 2 साल पहले
yoooo this is almost accurate!
Agent 326
Agent 326 - 2 साल पहले
I think in the books Arya will kill Walder, Edwyn and Black Walder and then a giant Frey Civil War will start. No Red Wedding 2.0 but you know what causing people to start killing their brothers, cousins or nephews seems like a bit more satisfying revenge
Wendy Lou
Wendy Lou - 2 साल पहले
Just watched out of curiosity of accuracy...Hot Damn you're good!
Wim - 3 साल पहले
It is so sick how much correct information you got out of this trailer. Inside their minds man, fuck.
Alin - 3 साल पहले
You got almost all plots right.
Anton Sherstiuk
Anton Sherstiuk - 3 साल पहले
Great analysis! But I'm very glad I didn't watch this before the season
Jacob Santeria
Jacob Santeria - 3 साल पहले
Season 6 episode 10?
jzmack - 3 साल पहले
it's crazy how accurate you were. love the videos keep it up
Provaz94 - 3 साल पहले
I'm so glad i don't watch trailers, names of episodes, and so on. There's so much spoilers in it, especialy for someone who doesn't read the books.
Like them scenes of battle, where you can see who's gonna be still alive until then, and more little things.
I've been doing it along with Stargate Universe, for example, watching them trailers and sneakpeeks. It kinda ruined my excitement of the episode itself when i knew what is up to come. I hate myself for that.
So even this awesome guy's awesome videos of Explaining single episodes did this.
Like the said battle; in the half of season, there was no assurance that battle will happen, yet in the video was shown and said the scenery of so called Battle of Bastards, so i knew it's goin to happen long before.
Thank you! But still, keep them awesome videos comming.
The internet is a dark place, full of spoilers.
Hannah Young
Hannah Young - 3 साल पहले
His voice is so soothing
whyflyguy007 - 3 साल पहले
coming back to this 7 episodes in, and this analysis has been spot on
Afillip - 3 साल पहले
What the fuck mate, you got some high observation skills. You've got almost all right from the latests chapters.
Nichole And Joshua
Nichole And Joshua - 3 साल पहले
This guys videos are the real deal! Keep up the great work. I look forward to your weekly videos recapping the episodes!!
Wendy Lou
Wendy Lou - 3 साल पहले
+Alt Shift X
I wish I could post a pic here. I got a screenshot from the trailer of somewhere Bran visits in a vision. It's in the past, it hasn't happened on the show yet and it involves a king! And it is clear...very clear of who it is and what's happening!
3aBap4uK - 3 साल पहले
You've got it all quite well so far. About 80-90%. Congrats for the awesome work.
But what comes next in next 5 episodes? We haven't seen that much. We know about the final EPIC (for this season) battle in Winterfell and its sides. But who will marry whom in RW 2? And how the hell will they fill 5 episodes with already 5 done with such fast speed and so many things already happened. According to the trailers we are missing only the:
a) final season battle
b) RW 2
c) Sparrow's annihilation.
d)Greyjoy arrival @ Volantis for pledging loyalty to Deneris
e) NOT seen in trailers - so not sure thing: R+L=J case. I mean the total confirming of what seems to lack even in the books scene.
So far we have seen almost everything. IMO nothing that much could happen. Even the Hodor mystery is cleared out.
The question is if the speed of events will slow down so little turbulence would be observed just as has already happened in previous seasons where in some episodes one could fall asleep. Another possibility is that the creators have actually hidden/omitted most of the second half of the season events in both trailers.
Which I pray and hope for.
What do you think?
Eodyn - 3 साल पहले
Not the gates of Winterfell. lol
Platerpus7 - 3 साल पहले
Who woulda thunk that all it took was a haircut and a beard trim.
Books will be completely different with his resurrection.
spingwun - 3 साल पहले
5 episodes into the show, your foresight is freaking uncanny!!
Tin Paudenović
Tin Paudenović - 3 साल पहले
That scene where Jaqen is cutting of someones face... Where is it from?
Adam - 3 साल पहले
watching this after three episodes, and i think, this season is gonna be be the best in GoT.
yeah - 3 साल पहले
Could white walkers be rogue children of the forest who have turned to the Great Other to get powers in order to take back south?
Sameera Mahalekame
Sameera Mahalekame - 3 साल पहले
How 😧
Dave Charlton
Dave Charlton - 3 साल पहले
Love this. I didn't feel like I needed the episodes explained until I watched your video! Keep em coming please! :-)
Jericho Bilang
Jericho Bilang - 3 साल पहले
10/10 citations
pixel JUNK
pixel JUNK - 3 साल पहले
FL Dream
FL Dream - 3 साल पहले
Keep your politics of your entertainment YouTube videos please
Rachel George
Rachel George - 3 साल पहले
can you make a video on Sansa!! :)
DualBlade Chef
DualBlade Chef - 3 साल पहले
Dude you were pretty spot on here. Most of this shit happened.
Storm Bey
Storm Bey - 2 साल पहले
Yeah I just discovered him (and I'm loving the content) so after watching his S7 predictions from the trailers I thought to see how much he got right by the S6 trailers and DAMN seems to be good at this.
Kiki C
Kiki C - 2 साल पहले
DualBlade Chef I basically just decided to see how much he guessed correctly (bc in a lot of his season 6 recap videos he was spot on when deciphering what would happen next, so I thought I'd see how well he did on predictions from just the trailer). That's also why I haven't watched the video about the season 7 trailer lol.
Bartłomiej Wideł
Bartłomiej Wideł - 3 साल पहले
Jon is alive
John Sixfox
John Sixfox - 3 साल पहले
Hi Man, are you going to review GoT episode 2 and predict what might happen next in 'Oathbreaker'? your explanations are always the best.
Sana Bashir
Sana Bashir - 3 साल पहले
i think Brienne will encounter Gendry in that scene.
D. Figer
D. Figer - 3 साल पहले
wait, so the umbers are fighting with the boltons?
Dr. Matthew Hertert
Dr. Matthew Hertert - 3 साल पहले
Love your videos. Only "error" I caught was I'm 98% sure the Child blew up Jojen's body (in the show, of course) with a fireball. No snacks for Bran.
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce - 3 साल पहले
I so want to see the tower of Joy. It'd be nice to see Ned again.
The Infamous Horeldo
The Infamous Horeldo - 3 साल पहले
Red wedding two!
I'm so game for that if it was real I would actually go lol
"and lord mace wears a funny hat" lmao
smhnicolette - 3 साल पहले
Okay but what the he'll happened to Rickon that's what I want to know. We haven't seen him and Asha since like the second season
Jakob Schöning
Jakob Schöning - 3 साल पहले
Arthur Dayne? But that is not their family sword!
Chandru Shekar
Chandru Shekar - 3 साल पहले
i think rickon will be screwed if umber's side with bolton's
Chandru Shekar
Chandru Shekar - 3 साल पहले
i think rickon will be screwed if umber's side with bolton's
WasMean - 3 साल पहले
Random theory: the show is going to fold Lady Coldheart into Sansa Stark. It feels like they're setting her up to become a very cold person.
nativedesignstudios - 3 साल पहले
Bastard bowl!!!! (LOL!!!) Nice.  Wedding 2.0 would be nice.  Seeing the Frey's go down would be as nice as seeing Joffery getting his.
ell - 3 साल पहले
i think you forgot that jojen died
Andxel2 - 3 साल पहले
You know man, you're really good at this. A good video could consist in you trying to guess when The Winds of Winter will be released, not many of those around.
Hugh James-Berry
Hugh James-Berry - 3 साल पहले
mate, can you start another channel where you break down movie trailers? this has been the best I’ve seen, great stuff
thepinkfish_ - 3 साल पहले
+Alt Shift X Yeah man, keep everything in one channel. More convenient for us.
Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X - 3 साल पहले
+Hugh James-Berry Yeah I'll eventually start doing more videos on other series and movies... will probably keep it all on this channel (:
cheesy cheez
cheesy cheez - 3 साल पहले
Could you please do an episode on Melisandre and who she might actually be / what role she might play?
Shinu Chacko
Shinu Chacko - 3 साल पहले
Loving it!
Cat4158 - 3 साल पहले
please do one about skagos/where the hell is rickon?!
SolarSwordMedia - 3 साल पहले
Hi Alt, big fan of your videos, do you think you could throw me a shout out. Thank you in advance.
Nick Turner
Nick Turner - 3 साल पहले
You should do a video on who the Valyrians were and what happened to them.
Maarlen Noordanus
Maarlen Noordanus - 3 साल पहले
ASMR much?
Kakuzu - 3 साल पहले
Jon has to be alive I'm in the theme song for ep 1 and they castes his name
Apollo Kreez
Apollo Kreez - 3 साल पहले
R+L=J for sure when it comes to the show, for the books? I'm doubtful.
BluenoseX1 - 3 साल पहले
Would be much appreciated if you could do the 'volunqar' theory mate
Lightru - 3 साल पहले
We need a blue wedding or white wedding.
DesolationAngel101 - 3 साल पहले
Olly is Snoke.  No, wait . . . sorry, I get confused sometimes.
Akalion - 3 साल पहले
Can you imagine if Jon Snow is actually dead and is just Ned's bastard? Now that would be interesting xD
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz - 3 साल पहले
+akalion213 A straight-up middle finger to everyone from GRRM.
Deborah Breedlove
Deborah Breedlove - 3 साल पहले
The figure on the horse is Sandor Clegane, rescuing Meera. He has learned to deal with fire and use it as his own weapon. You heard it here first, my friend. Then horse is "Stranger." What better way to bring him back? Swinging a ball of fire!!!