Kingslayer: how will Jaime's story end?

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these videos are so god damn good.
Sillysocks RotMG
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Jaime gets a sword plunged into his stomach yet somehow manages to walk all the way to Cersei completely fine, then dies with her crushed by rocks.
Samuel Duarte
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"If you think this has a happy ending then you haven't been paying attention."

-Ramsay Bolton
Alex The Human
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*a squirt of seed in cersei's cunt*
Ethan Jolles
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Bunch of bricks
JohnThe Champ
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Jamie raped Cersei next to their dead son 😬
lauren lusty
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Wow he ships Braime so hard
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This will happen in the books hopefully.
Brian Miller
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He looks like prince charming off of Shrek sometimes . Lol
Wil Thomas
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By a fucking brick
Kerrin Mangan
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The answer was “stupidly”
David Garcia
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My boy! Jamie fookin Lannister
Nemo7The7Pirate7 - 25 दिन पहले
I heard he was murdered by a guy nicknamed "Brick". Must be a straightforward brute of a man.
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Muhammad Ali II
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What is better: To be born Good? Or Overcome Evil through Great Effort?
Lindsay Gillard
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Jamie went from being the most horrible to being my favorite character. He, IMHO, was better than Tyrion as far as Lannister go.
squizill - महीने पहले
Lust and bricks, duh!
MUD PIE - महीने पहले
I can see Jaime Lannister being forced to kill his own sister in the same way that he killed his own King there by ironically making him evil in the eyes of men even through he was doing good. Forever known as King and kin Slayer even more than that for everyone knows now that he's in incestuous relations with her there by betraying his love as well. He would be seen as the most evil person to walk the Earth.
Quaid Dalton
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Sometimes I feel like D&D are just salty about everyone having better ideas for the series than they did so they just went out their way to make everyone miserable in the end.
Leilane Herondale
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this video didn't age well
C Dio00426
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I guess you could say that Ned ‘s only mistake was not Being so quick to judge Jamie. The books would’ve been very different if Ned heard Jamie’s explanation
MonkeyManAB - महीने पहले
sooo... that didn't happen
Randy Vang
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I’m from the future, apparently some rocks will do it.
peep X
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Your poll seems to lack the falling bricks option
Stoneryoda 937
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Quenching the blade is what George should have wrote ..... quenching a blade is what makes it hard . Tempering is lightly heating to loosen the tension of being rapidly cooled in the quench it makes the blade flexible so the shock of clashing with another blade won’t smash it to pieces ... sorry hobby bladesmith
some oomph
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I just love it when my favorite characters are killed by ceilings
Ms. Byrd
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Would Eddard Stark have looked at him with judgement if he had just saved his father & brother?! (Or one or the others burned alive?) I never understood this, they ALL rose up against their King but somehow taking him out was worse than the Uprising that took his throne, killed his son's YOUNG family (raping his wife in the process) and sacked KL (incl. the rapes and murders of innocents)!!! It's amazing how we hop on the 'bandwagon' of judgement for one character's actions yet TOLERATE the same actions in another character. Trying to disguise our 'duplicity' with... "It's just a TV show!"
Simon A
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Needlessly by masonry.
Jack Walker
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I actually really like Jamie's arc ending in the classic "tragedy" trope. Theon was our redemption arc. I don't like how the show did it.... but I think when done correctly a tragedy makes sense.
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Lars Lowther
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Rocks fell on him
Eduardo Negrete
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YSG 024
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Why is debris not an option in the poll??
Orr - महीने पहले
Rusty Shackleford
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I bet Nikolas Walder-Casteau was crushed when he found out how it really ends.
Mr G
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You can easily understand he is the best written chaacter in the series just by watching this video.
Jack Mosher
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Bricks. Fucking bricks. That could have been avoided by standing 10 ft to the left.
Tudor David
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I'm Bricking his ending
Einar Blood-Axe
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Jaime after losing his hand makes me think of the Norse god Tyr. God of justice, honor, law, and war. Tyr too lost his hand, to a wolf.
Einar Blood-Axe
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I really hope that in the books Jaime's story doesnt devolve back into loving Cersei again. I want hin to stay on his path to redemption. I know ASOIAF isnt really the happy ending type series, I at least want him to stay on his path and not run back to Cersei.
Libertarirynn Videos
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The answer is: Stupidly.
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"How will Jaime's story end?"

D&D: *giant fart noise
Destroyer of Realms
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the blood of the dragon is the blood on his sword after he killed Aerys II
Raimonds Stokmanis
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Jaime being Azor Ahai would probably be the best plot twist ever. But it probably won't happen in the books either.
M Clarke
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Jaime has kind of forgot that he once sacrificed his honor to save 500,000 people.
M Clarke
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EditsByErky it's 500k in the books, but aye it's 1 mill in the show. I'll give that to you EditsByErky first of your name.
EditsByErky - महीने पहले
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RIP in peace
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