World Population 2019 Report All you need to know Current Affairs 2019

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In short.. the report reflected Demographic transition theory of India...
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God bless you sir from Punjab
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prashant sir. you are a legend
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Who dislike this video?!
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Mulle log india me free me Khana mil jata hain.... Suwaro ki Tarah paida karte hain.
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Don't target any community.
Population growth is indirectly proportional to education.
More the educated people, less is the population.
If we want to control the population of India, then we have to improve the educational standard of Indian people.
Stop blaming and start educating people.
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Hey sir.... i am preparing for upsc. Pleade tell me the best book/magazine to stay updated with these kidns of reports. Please revert. Thank you
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Notes in short:
World population report 2019
by UNFPA ( NY)
India - 136 Crore, China - 142 Crore
World population - 771 Crore
Growth rate - 1.2 %, China - 0.5 %
Below 15 age : 27%
15 to 64 : 67% ( Demo. Dividend)
64 + : 6%
Life Expectancy - 69 years
Global Avg - 72 years
Fertility rate - 2.3, World Avg - 2.5
MMR - 174
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There is a flaw in this video . Census is conducted once in every 10years .current number 1.36 billion is from 2011 now we are in 2019 . Each decade there is an increment of 14-22% , now counting the improving health and life expectancy. I am sure current population after counting citizens and new migrants should be around 1.5 billion or 150 crore people. India is moving towards a deep mess when it reaches 160 crore .most will be unemployed and angry . Crimes will skyrocket, suicide news will fill newspapers . The current birth rate of 2.3 is national average when you take most poor states of India you will see it's birth rate is more than Africa and bangladesh . These backward states escapes scrutiny under the umbrella of larger one India. these backward states of India favour more population as they will get more share in budget even when they contribute less taxes.
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5:50 birth India rate - 1.2
China -0.5
funny people
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Sir i am not believe in violence but when some thing irritated too much that time create violence by people.and when aaasam and other place get more immiggrat that time clash that place .so its time to precaution other vise too much violence in the country.i just guess the future.
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2 Child policy with strict rules must be adopted Like third child has to send in army is a compulsion & if not then subsidy provide by government to the family is abolished totally.
Also after first child parents must be taught about the consequences of population in economy of family and country.
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Growth rate is much more as many people in india do not marry.
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ये समझ नही आ रहा है कि इतनी जनसँख्या होने के बाद भी सरकार एक सख्त कानून क्यू नही लाती जनसंख्या नियंत्रण के लिए
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Why should government and politician care Indian overpopulation. Rulers of India will never face any problem of over population. They have vehicles with siren , free plane tickets , reservation in train ....
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Gender gap India 108
Saif Ali Abbasi
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Breed like a Rats.....

Die like a Pigs 😂😂 42 RIH
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And these rates are from ur community....gonna die like 🐖
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Hamare dhesh me uneducated Muslims bohot bacche pidha kar rahehe
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Population is a great thing because they control population of world
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Nonsense . world is always controlled by the rich countries all of which has lesser population
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If African countries have more fertility rate then their population growth also be very high
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Call thanos,he will solve this problem 😉😉
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Oh fuck 5.6 in1969
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Then life span was less now improved
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sir please make videos in jetairway crises how to get up and down position and why not interesting to govt and banking to provide financial help........ please sir
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Female and male sex ratio? Not give
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108th in 2018
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108 th
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Sir iski pdf milegi kya
ashhraf beigh sir kashmir lita banaa beigh
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You are superb genious sir
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Apne short me unfpa likha ha ji UNPFA nhi ji kyu??
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Dear sir, please also shed some light on Pakistan when it comes to such reports. Neighbours ka bhi ap par kuch haq banta hey aakhir 😊. Peace ✌️
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indian government have to be focused on health care and education and also on happiness of citizens of india
so that they can live more then 69 i think so 🤔
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Mere paas ek idea hai...10 bache paida karo sab...Hamara population itna badhega ki ham jake dusre desh pe kabza karenge...Whole world will be india😂😂😂
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Thanos is watching😂😂
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India rank - 108
Gaurav Kumar
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भारत के भविष्य के लिए ये संकेत शुभ हैं।👏👏
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Mullo to 5-6 leta hai ab bhi 2019 m
Shubham Puri
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We should make law for 2 child policy and it should be for all religion and if anyone disobeys lwas then there should be strict action.
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As of now, Increasing population can bring a massive distruction in our country 👉🏽🇮🇳 So please everyone be sure to stand against Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016,Assam🙏🙏
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Please make a video on tenure of Modi government.
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India ranked 108
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One request to Sir Prashant Dahawan. Plz make a video on fire of Notre Dame in Paris and its importance in history.
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No skilled personnel for animals.
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Yeah 108th rank
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ICELAND topped the gender Gap index in 2018
ALOK RAHANGDALE - 10 दिन पहले
108th rank in India
Mona Sandpa
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🎓India has been ranked *108th* in World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap index.
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Lalu yadav 9 child 😂 . Lol 😁😁😀😁😁
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We need 2 child birth policy.
It's really needy for India now
VASANT RA-THORE - 3 दिन पहले
But Muslims have more child than for all of this policy should be employed
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Sidharth Singh
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Gazwa e hind ki tayyari apne best pe hai. Khair Secularism hai kuch mat bolo.
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Prashant Shrivastava
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India always had a negative effect on population we should aware of population growth...
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108 rank.....👍👍😝
gaurav kumar
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India ranks 108 in gender gap index
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Information good
But you are bise person
About ur country information
Awais Khan
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+VASANT RA-THORE haqaat jaan ko Geo
VASANT RA-THORE - 3 दिन पहले
SHARAD CHANDRA - 10 दिन पहले
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ajay gupta
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India rank 108
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Abbe tumhary BJP politician ne Pakistan army ka song copy kr liya us pr b video banao, bewqoof saaly😆😂🤣😅😜
Junaid Uppal
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India main bewqoof bhare pare hain, carry on 😆😂🤣
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India extremely need two child policy 😟
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God bless you too !
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China ki population India se kafi jada .....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Aisa log hi CSAT ke paper mai fail kr jate hai
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Your way of explanation is really awesome sir
Jitendra prabha singh
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India rank in global gender gap index 2018 - 108th rank the same as in 2017
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thanks for these helpful information sir
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Jinko aap rudiwadi bol rahe hain asal me wo bachcho ko bacha rahe hain..... aur jinko aap samjhdar bol rahe hain wo abortion karke bachcho ko maar rahe hain.... aur kisi bhi bachche ko marne ka kisi ko bhi adhikaar nhi hai
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Please bhai please control population
Laxmikant yadav
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Anurag Pandey
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This is a petition.................... 🇮🇳🇮🇳 Main reason for high population in India is Muslims they can have multiple marriages and love creating 🐖🐷🐽small pigs(kids) in large amount this also reduces Hindu and Muslim ratio.. Muslim should be ordered to upbring only 1 child....Varna desh ko Syria hone mein der nahi lagegi...hit like to support ..ek bar inki population Hindu ki aadhi bhi ho gyi toh yeh ram mandir todne ki baat mein bhi der nahi karenge...aur comment reply mein mulle katwe bakwas karenge jaroor 😂......bhagwa bachao desh bachao🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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Good analysis
Jay Ane nenu
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North India needs (Nashbandi) specially UP and Bihar.
Jay Ane nenu
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+ashutosh ranjan Bhai m Delhi SE Hu 2 Bhai Behan h bus maa and papa Nahi h
ashutosh ranjan
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tum kidhar ke ho ..tum honestly batao tum Kitna bro and sis ho...please honestly
Sonam Chaudhary
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India's rank in global gender gap index- 108th
Abhinash Kumar
Abhinash Kumar - 11 दिन पहले
We need Population control law
Vikash Sharma
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आपका कोई जवाब नही श्रीमान,,?🙏🙏🙏
Gpv Gpv
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Global gender gap report
mohd yusuf
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108th rank
anand bhosle
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Make video on King Maharana Pratap Please Sir
crazy mechanical
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India needs two child policy, and must be acceptable for all religion.
Sitaram Bijarniya
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2 child policy should have applied at 1947 now it's too late
Manoj Kumar Gupta
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Good evening sir....
Global Gender gap index ...2018
India 's rank 108.
Sachin Kumar
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SHWETA KUMARI - 11 दिन पहले
Mja Ni aaya
aditya gupta
aditya gupta - 11 दिन पहले
A B - 11 दिन पहले
Nibhaya missile pe video banaye
CrAzY SiNgH - 11 दिन पहले
Gender gap india rank 108
rahul raj
rahul raj - 11 दिन पहले
India on 108 as per 2018 gender gap index
Hanmant Kendre
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islam pure world ki problem hai..
gyanendra kumar
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India 's rank gender gap 108 and Iceland top
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan - 11 दिन पहले
we need thenos
akash goyal
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A option
Sam Sam
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पूरे विश्वास से कहता हूं कि आपका द्वारा दिया गया ज्ञान अतुलनीय है| आप जैसा टीचर मिल जाए तो छात्र आई.ए.एस जैसी परीक्षा भी आसानी से पास कर जाए|
ravindra yadav
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India's Ranking is 108