RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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dodgergrl80 - 29 मिनट पहले
My sincerest condolences to you and your family 💎
Hafsa Wajid
Hafsa Wajid - 32 मिनट पहले
I almost cried i love diamond he was one of my favorite RIP diamond 😭😭😭😭
Jeannie B
Jeannie B - 34 मिनट पहले
Awww so sorry for your loss ❤️❤️❤️❤️ rip diamond 💎
Dobrawa Krzyżan
Dobrawa Krzyżan - 35 मिनट पहले
I'm sad
Chel twt:agustduwu
Chel twt:agustduwu - 41 मिनट पहले
my beagle passed away 4 years ago. she first collapsed when I was walking with her. she couldn't move and almost stopped breathing. apparently she had multiple tumors in her liver, stomach, lungs, almost everywhere. we don't exactly know how long she suffered with it, but the vet told us that she tried everything to hide her pain and that made my heart break into a million pieces. we put her down a week after she collapsed. I miss her with my whole heart and felt empty for a very, very long time. I know how it feels to loose a dog....
A.R Lee
A.R Lee - 42 मिनट पहले
Awe... my condolences for you fur baby loss.
Madi Cakes
Madi Cakes - 43 मिनट पहले
I read the video title and started bawling and I can’t stop.😭😭😭😭💎💎💎💎 I love you Jeffrey, don’t see this as a goodbye, but a “I’ll see you later.”
Danxoxox - 47 मिनट पहले
I lost mine a couple years ago... it still hurts to think about it. So I just have to keep reminding myself one day we’ll be together again 💕
Carly Kleve
Carly Kleve - 47 मिनट पहले
Horribly sorry for your loss :(
rainy jinx
rainy jinx - 48 मिनट पहले
Awe my heart is out to y'all. I am so sorry for your loss. And be happy you got to love her and show her what family is.
Kory Price
Kory Price - 49 मिनट पहले
Love you so much! My thoughts and prayers are with you💞
Austin Atchinson
Austin Atchinson - 52 मिनट पहले
This makes me think of when my dog passed away so what happened was my dog used to always played in the back yard but one day we called for her but usually she would come to us but that day she did not come to us we tried everything but then my dad was looking for her and she was laying down on the side walk laying next to the mailbox because a mustang hit her and the thing is when I always checked the mail she always had to come with me and now when I check the mail I always have a good feeling That she's like protecting me from that day on
selena lee
selena lee - 57 मिनट पहले
I’m so sorry for y’alls loss but she’ll always be with you 🖤💎
Brenna Ashleigh
Brenna Ashleigh - घंटे पहले
So sorry for your loss! It’s hard losing a best friend and a family member. I had my cat for almost my whole life she lived till she was 17, my fiancé and I went to my parents for a two day visit, when we came back she passed away with her sister laying her head on her. She had been sick for sometime and we were letting her life out the rest of her days comfortable and loved. It’s hard! Stay strong💕
Roena Dela cruz
Roena Dela cruz - घंटे पहले
I love my dogs and i cant imagine losing one💔 god bless u
Jeannie Tomczak
Jeannie Tomczak - घंटे पहले
I’m so sorry. They are so wonderful and loving.
Stephanie2saucy _99
Stephanie2saucy _99 - घंटे पहले
I’m soo sorry for your lost I lost my cat Mia in a car ran her over before my birthday she died. She died last year in 2018
Angeline Villalta
Angeline Villalta - घंटे पहले
I had a bird and she was very hurt and he passed away but it was more helpful because I saw her dead
Angeline Villalta
Angeline Villalta - घंटे पहले
I fell you I had I a dog I grown up with him and the he sadly passed away
Tonya Fincher
Tonya Fincher - घंटे पहले
So sorry for your loss and sending all my love❤❤❤❤❤
Ash Cole
Ash Cole - घंटे पहले
I got three minutes in and quit watching. I can’t even see the screen from how much I’m crying now... stay strong and hug your little ones a little tighter. I can only imagine how grateful all your babies are for you. You have her a good life,and she will always be with you guys!🖤
B1ll13 31l1sh
B1ll13 31l1sh - घंटे पहले
Please get better,I have experienced the same exact thing my hamster died while I was on vacation,my dad called and told everyone what had happened😔
kate chaney
kate chaney - घंटे पहले
im so sorry
Janners - घंटे पहले
That's one of the worst thing about dogs is their short life expectancy. So sad for you, it's very painful. Glad you still have lots and lots of puppy love.
BritishTea - घंटे पहले
My cat recently just passed away and I completely understand what you’re all going through, stay strong for your other fluff babies, we love you
Resa Mcguire
Resa Mcguire - घंटे पहले
I'm so sorry for your loss. you gave that girl the best years of her life, and don't you ever forget it! because she won't and I also agree you should do something in remembrance of her from the both of you. I wish you well on your healing journey I have two dogs myself my oldest girl is 10 years old I don't know what I would do if I was you. try to stay strong in these hard times. we love you
Epoka 1009
Epoka 1009 - घंटे पहले
6:24 I saw the old Jeffree star in this frame, sad
Natalie Astravars
Natalie Astravars - घंटे पहले
I'm so sorry for your loss, guys. It's so terrible to lose a family member, it's just heartbreaking
Jessica Goelz
Jessica Goelz - घंटे पहले
Jeffery I'm so sorry about your loss, you and Nate both. My furbabies are equal if not above some family members lol my prayers to you and the dogs. Love you!!
Chloé Mutlow
Chloé Mutlow - घंटे पहले
Aw Jeffree i’m so sorry :’( i hope you are alright x losing a part of your family is never easy so goodluck to you both xxx
Pastel colors Float
Pastel colors Float - घंटे पहले
She might have passed away but she will stay with you forever in your heart
I’m sorry for your loss
Owl secret
Owl secret - घंटे पहले
😭😭😭😭I’m so sorry to hear that. Stay strong and RIP Diamond
Jesse Lefler
Jesse Lefler - घंटे पहले
Animals especially dogs ARE family. My baby is a Frenchie. I would die myself if he was hurt
Natalie Leon x
Natalie Leon x - घंटे पहले
R.I.P little bundle of joy. My Pomeranian is 5 years old
James Weidner
James Weidner - घंटे पहले
I know how you feel I lost my beautiful baby girl right before Christmas she was a saint Bernard she was Soo sweet I know how you feel sister I still call her then realizing she isn't here I know what you are going through
Morti - घंटे पहले
Oh no! I’m so sorry. God Bless Diamond and May he heal your heavy hearts. Sending love and prayers ❤️❤️❤️
James Weidner
James Weidner - घंटे पहले
Not diamond 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
_Midnight•Lunar_ - घंटे पहले
I’m very sorry for your loss jeffree and Nate💔💔I’ve lost four dogs in the past and I loved them very much so I know how it feels and I’m very sad rn😭🥺I love y’all both jeffree and Nate💕💞😭
Mrs Clark
Mrs Clark - घंटे पहले
❤️ you are the best fur mama and papa. You gave her the best life any baby could ask for. It gets better. We never forget the way they made us feel. I had a schnauzer for 20 years. From age 10 to 30 she was my best friend. We were never apart. I think about her everyday. I was so blessed that she chose me.
Amber Cox
Amber Cox - 2 घंटे पहले
Amanda Babb
Amanda Babb - 2 घंटे पहले
All your babies will mourn the loss of her. Make sure they don't greive themselves too bad. And you and Nate be strong I love you All so much.
Alyssa Tafolla
Alyssa Tafolla - 2 घंटे पहले
Stay strong 💪🏼 I love you guys and diamond 💎 🐶 is in 🌈 rainbow heaven I can feel your broken hearts because idk what id do if I lost my puppy he’s everything to me 💔
sanjana palit
sanjana palit - 2 घंटे पहले
RIP Diamond...😔
Marsdead4755 - 2 घंटे पहले
R.I.P Diamond 💕
Jessica pruitt
Jessica pruitt - 2 घंटे पहले
Owen Baker
Owen Baker - 2 घंटे पहले
Liz Butler
Liz Butler - 2 घंटे पहले
Having lost many canine friends I have found it harder than losing a human. It is so dreadfully painful to lose your dog friends as they are open and honest, more than any human. RIP Diamond you will meet her at the rainbow bridge x
Charmander Pica
Charmander Pica - 2 घंटे पहले
Your next like entire line should named 💎Diamond💎 with diamond/shiny lipsticks and highlighters and eyeshadow and glitters and all of her favorite things
panggop jio
panggop jio - 2 घंटे पहले
be in your heart have a great day Queen
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 2 घंटे पहले
I had a dog called max I had him for years and our neighbor poison him it was horrible ..
mayra deloyza
mayra deloyza - 2 घंटे पहले
): I lost a dog this year too ... stay positive guys
Luz garcia
Luz garcia - 2 घंटे पहले
What’s wrong with boyfriend .. He looks like another puppy
Nuta Bravo
Nuta Bravo - 2 घंटे पहले
What a precious pup! So sorry for your loss JS.
Frank Reynolds NH
Frank Reynolds NH - 2 घंटे पहले
At least dogs don't go to hell.
Kaylie Kirk
Kaylie Kirk - 2 घंटे पहले
She lived such a great life ❤️ you guys were awesome parents to her. My thoughts are with you and your family in this hard time
Hoying Cheng
Hoying Cheng - 2 घंटे पहले
I’m so sorry for your loss, she will be missed.
Melissa Tercero
Melissa Tercero - 2 घंटे पहले
Sorry for your lost Rest In Paradise Diamond!! 😭😭
Emily Breuer
Emily Breuer - 2 घंटे पहले
Get her cremated into and put into a diamond, diamonds are forever and her spirit will always linger close to the both of you. It is sad when they go but they are always there in spirit. Prayers to the both of you. I love you guys ♥️ I hope things get better.
nikol desli
nikol desli - 3 घंटे पहले
i lost my dog a month ago and i completly understand you it was the worts felling ever ..
Sierra Ragen
Sierra Ragen - 3 घंटे पहले
I'm sorry for your loss. We had a black lab from when I was about 4/5 up until I was 17. He moved with us everywhere then sadly one day had either a stroke or heart attack so we had to say goodbye. It was one of the worst days of my life. RIP Nuba.
lasashamm - 3 घंटे पहले
😭 I'm simply sorry
ambee wolff
ambee wolff - 3 घंटे पहले
In tears 😭 I’ve been watching Jeffery since the beginning and he’s such an inspiration to me and I understand the grief they are going through and I know diamond will always watch over him and Nate 😭life is hard sometimes but somehow we find a way through
Sherri Ward
Sherri Ward - 3 घंटे पहले
I'm so so sorry. I know the pain and my heart goes out to you! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Claire Bear Lewis
Claire Bear Lewis - 3 घंटे पहले
Internally PANICKED
Internally PANICKED - 3 घंटे पहले
I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. Please stay strong, I know what you're going through you're definitely not alone ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
kayla Nevermore
kayla Nevermore - 3 घंटे पहले
Rip baby girl you will always be missed 💔💔😭😢the minute our pets become apart of the family it become really hard when they leave so I completely understand
Michelle Casanova
Michelle Casanova - 3 घंटे पहले
So sorry for your loss, sending prayers your way from Floresville Texas 🙏🏻🐶
Eme - 3 घंटे पहले
Sending lots of love! Diamond will remain in our hearts forever 💖
Micki Campbell
Micki Campbell - 3 घंटे पहले
I'm so sorry it's so hard, God bless u guys
Lemica - 3 घंटे पहले
hey i send you alot of love and support from Canada just know you are so strong you have gone so far in your life and i know that it won't stop there, and that Diamond will always be in your heart have a great day Queen
Daniela Aguirre
Daniela Aguirre - 3 घंटे पहले
What a beautiful girl. What a beautiful smile. She is so precious and small. She lived a great life with you Jeffrey, even if it was short. I hope you get through this tough time. We will remember her and we know how much she means to you. RIP DIAMOND❤
00000 00000
00000 00000 - 3 घंटे पहले
Jeffreestar & Nat you both should be very proud of your self you gave your baby the best loving life with you & Nat. All your babies are so happy to have both of you you see that in the video they happy wee babies. I know how painful losing a pet is, they are a part of your family hurts my heart knowing your going though this. If you need to cry cry from your heart sending you all my love at this very sad time. We are all here for you xxx ♥️💕♥️
Hannah Boston
Hannah Boston - 3 घंटे पहले
I know that losing a dog sucks💔 😭 Send you my love and prayers Jeffree/nate🤗♥️💜♥️💜🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Smoeshie - 3 घंटे पहले
glad he/she/it/... is dead. karma bitch.... Dont lie about James.
Nessa P.
Nessa P. - 3 घंटे पहले
I lost my first baby boy back in 2013 and he had been in my life since I was 2 he was 17 when he passed away. No amount of time with them feels like it’s enough. Apart of my heart was taken when he passed away but a new part was gained when my parents let us adopt another dog. My baby Nero is four and he’s filled a void in my heart that Barkley left when he passed away. Losing a pet is never easy, they’re apart of the family. Rip Diamond Star ❤️😭
Life With Lil
Life With Lil - 4 घंटे पहले
I’m so sorry jeffree fur babies of mine have past but I always look back and I’m so happy they aren’t in pain anymore and yes we miss them but we also have to feel grate for them because they aren’t in pain anymore
Courtney J
Courtney J - 4 घंटे पहले
I totally thought my sister was the only person who gives pets middle names
Christina C.
Christina C. - 4 घंटे पहले
I lost my Pomeranian (Prada Jane) last week to kidney failure 🥺
Leslee Chilberti
Leslee Chilberti - 4 घंटे पहले
R.I.P Diamond 😢 You had the most amazing parents a pup could ever ask for ❤️ Jefferee and Nate, my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels to lose a fur baby. I lost my kitten at 9 months old. I felt as though a part of me was missing. Only time can heal your heart. She is playing with the other animals at the Rainbow Bridge and you will see her again one day. Find peace in knowing you both gave her a wonderful life ❤️
nikkamerro - 4 घंटे पहले
That last clip...... nooooooo.... That's so heartbreaking! 😭😭😭😭
Patsy Stern
Patsy Stern - 4 घंटे पहले
I can't watch the whole thing. So sorry. You gave her the best life. What a little beauty.
꧁ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜɪᴄʜᴜ ꧂
꧁ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴄʜɪᴄʜᴜ ꧂ - 4 घंटे पहले
Tlotlo Kalil
Tlotlo Kalil - 4 घंटे पहले
I cried while watching thus
Bsbsbd Shhshd
Bsbsbd Shhshd - 4 घंटे पहले
Honestly same thing happened to me
Camden Towe
Camden Towe - 4 घंटे पहले
We love you Jeffree. We're praying for you.
XxShadow_MasterxX - 4 घंटे पहले
Who TF dislike 1v1 me in fortnite my Xbox gt is wearyfoal554974 BTW I saw dis on drama alert that's why I came
Equine girl 08
Equine girl 08 - 4 घंटे पहले
Im so sorry I know how hard it is to loose a pet my heart and thoughts are with you both
Kanoa Newman
Kanoa Newman - 4 घंटे पहले
♡ I couldn’t imagine what your going through. Diamond was a very bright and strong dog and she lived a very happy life with you. ♡
☆ R.I.P diamond, your memories will stay with us ☆
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith - 4 घंटे पहले
My miniature pom died at 9 years also. After 6 days, the vet said he'd made a great turn around and could come home the next day. I couldn't sleep all night in anticipation of him coming home. The vet called the next morning and said to "come get him so he could die at home with his mom". I was in shock and not sure I heard them correctly and began to cry. She coldly said to call back when I pull myself together. I wasn't wailing or crying where you couldn't understand me. I cried for two weeks. My husband said he doesn't want me to get another pet because I get too attached. So far I haven't been ready, but I can't imagine going the rest of my life without another baby. So sorry for your loss.
Keziah Bryant
Keziah Bryant - 4 घंटे पहले
I am so sorry for your loss, I've lost a few pets over the years that meant the world to me, and it's so much harder than people think💖
Yo Kisho
Yo Kisho - 4 घंटे पहले
Her little smile is so beautiful, my condolences 🙏🏾💕💕
haleybrooke - 4 घंटे पहले
My dog is going to the vet today... She has to go...😭😭😭😭
James Bond
James Bond - 4 घंटे पहले
I send my love to you guys and diamond up in dog heaven
Evelin Garcia
Evelin Garcia - 4 घंटे पहले
I came back because I would’ve never though my dog would die soon because he wasn’t sick, I distanced myself from people because words can’t describe how it feels to loose a family member just like animals ❤️😭 My dog got ran over by a car and he was only 6 pounds so he couldn’t survive. I remember me running out the door and seeing him on the grass so I ran down the steps and went to him he was having trouble breathing and I cried out, “Lucas, Lucas wake up, get up Lucas😭😭😭🥺” but he was still on the floor, we brought him up and my dad was trying to save him for a good 30 minutes my dogs son was surrounding him like what’s going on and he started liking his dad and it was sad🥺 he was still moving but then my he wasn’t moving anymore or breathing, my dad eventually said he was dead..😭 It was my older sisters dog and she was holding him and was saying her goodbyes she wrapped him in her old sweatshirt and we brought him to the backyard and my dad was already digging a little place for him I was thinking of him and I always will remember that day😭❤️❤️❤️
I hope your family recovers soon as well as mine❤️🥺 We love you Diamond 💎
Dear Lucas,
I’ll miss you and make sure you wait for me in heaven ❤️ I’ll still be waiting for you every time I open the bathroom door and you wanting my food I’ll remember how silly of a dog you were from when we first got you I’ll still call you my best friend I love you❤️❤️❤️
Rest In Peace lil boy💙
11/15/14 - 6/15/19
lina m
lina m - 4 घंटे पहले
RIP diamond ):
Monica Sanchez
Monica Sanchez - 5 घंटे पहले
yes they are part of my family i am sorry about your lost i love the name for her diamond💕
Lauren Roman
Lauren Roman - 5 घंटे पहले
You gave her a great life, you can tell by looking at how happy she is in your footage... rip lil diamond we love you 💕
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith - 5 घंटे पहले
Tia Marlens
Tia Marlens - 5 घंटे पहले
💎✨ Diamond will shines so bright in heaven// RIP Diamond🥺💗💎
Tommy G
Tommy G - 5 घंटे पहले