Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2 Explained

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What does the new “Winter is Here” trailer mean for Game of Thrones Season 7? What’s the significance of the caves under Dragonstone? What’s Euron Greyjoy up to? Can Cersei kill Dany’s dragons? Is Jaime about to be barbecued? What’s Tyrion’s plan for Casterly Rock? Will Sansa listen to Littlefinger? Will Jon Snow survive the north? And will Cleganebowl happen? (Please?)
This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones up to Season 6 and Book 5.
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Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller - 6 महीने पहले
Looking back on this video after season 7 happened, the accuracy of some of the predictions is honestly scary.
` - 6 महीने पहले
Season 8 is about to start. Why the hell am I watching season7 trailer for the 17th time?
Ah well, please making such awesome vids Alt Shift!
Stinky D Shinjin
Stinky D Shinjin - 7 महीने पहले
I have no idea why I'm here
Utsav Nyaupane
Utsav Nyaupane - 7 महीने पहले
Watching this after the season came out scares me how his predictions are basically spoilers, like Tyrions construction of Casterly Rock
Mateusz Majka
Mateusz Majka - 9 महीने पहले
woah... I've just came back to see this after season 7 and it happened! 😱 You were right at almost everything
DrDespicable - 11 महीने पहले
Bro this guy predicted everything right
AcidTone - 8 महीने पहले
Alt shift x... the true 3 eyed raven
VIJAYA SHRI - साल पहले
All the decodings came true exactly.. 😱😱
saammmy7 - साल पहले
I'ts amazing how accurate your predictions were! Can't wait for the season 8 trailers!
the dragon queen
the dragon queen - साल पहले
"yara leaps into battle 'cus she's yara fucking greyjoy while theon stands and looks upset 'cus he's theon fucking greyjoy" BAHHAHHAHA
arjl880 - साल पहले
So spot-on with your interpretation of the trailer. The only thing was the prediction that Jon would be saved by the children of the forest....Indirectly, he was. He was saved by his uncle Benjen, who was saved by the children of the forest
7T Hazard
7T Hazard - साल पहले
I’m watching this soooo after the fact and it’s scary how accurate you are! I know it’s all in the books but the show does thing different.
TWSTF 8 - साल पहले
Lol 6:35 "Lil Jon Snow" 😂
Cybermat47 - साल पहले
“Who’s he attacking? Surely not Dany and her Dragons.”
You were wrong, but you did show more sense than Jaime XD
ralph K.J
ralph K.J - साल पहले
Nailed it
Luke - साल पहले
So crazy going back to this video after watching season 7. You really did predict things perfectly spot on.. incredible.
Kristen Fay
Kristen Fay - साल पहले
“Name a more iconic duo... I’ll wait”
Burak Baggins
Burak Baggins - 2 साल पहले
Accuracy in this video suprised the fuck out of me.
Well at least now I can avoid watching you season 8 trailer analysis to not get spoiled.
007 - 2 साल पहले
Nice try but Drogon is a fraction of Balerion
barnectar - 2 साल पहले
@Alt shift X, what do you think the quote from bloodraven to bran 'jojenn died so that you can regain what you have lost' means? Does he mean that what bran thinks he means, the los of his legs(or will/purpose). Or does he mean something more significant, like a skill from a past life?
Tu Morrow
Tu Morrow - 2 साल पहले
It's insane how much of this you got right
lvceline - 2 साल पहले
My hell it's awesome to watch these vids after seeing Season 7. I watched these trailers and just saw badass battles, dragons, walkers, etc., but you picked every damn scene apart and just about predicted everything that happened! Love your vids, they are so thorough and well thought out!
Selow Ezel
Selow Ezel - 2 साल पहले
Amazing how almost all of his trailer based speculations came to be spoilers.
seezu84 - 2 साल पहले
Season 7 just ended, didn't watched any trailers/previews/breakdowns. And I'm SO glad about it. For me the element of surprise is entirely gone if you watch this video's.
Matheus Schmidt
Matheus Schmidt - 2 साल पहले
Holy, you got it all right. Amazing videos and interpretation, you're great.
Tyrlak - 2 साल पहले
I just watched this now and ti's crazy how many things you predicted.
sovsouth - 2 साल पहले
Elan PINHASOV - 2 साल पहले
certainly not dany or her dragons
Cosmo Link
Cosmo Link - 2 साल पहले
You just figured the events of the whole season from this trailer 👏🏻
ReffanStaab - 2 साल पहले
Now seeing almost every Episode it's crazy how often u exactly sad what would happen Show what a good GoT channel u have build here.
nyadpics - 2 साल पहले
Surely not Dany... :D BTW You foretold much in the plot, good job!
Jitendra Kulaste
Jitendra Kulaste - 2 साल पहले
In finale, Cleaganebowl is going to happen, because that shot of hound is from the dragonpit. Congratulations AltShiftX, you successfully predicted it.
L Z - 2 साल पहले
dosduros - 2 साल पहले
*Cus he is Theon fuck me Greyjoy.
There fixed it for you.
12Jakeyboy - 2 साल पहले
Cleganebowl confirmed for season 7 finale.
Pao - 2 साल पहले
how is it fucking possible that you were basically right about everything?omg ahahah
Andy Hackett
Andy Hackett - 2 साल पहले
Episode 7 is nearly upon us and you've correctly guessed like 95% of things to happen so far. Even Cleganebowl looks like it's going to happen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that shot of the Hound hasn't happened on screen yet has it?
L Z - 2 साल पहले
You are correct!
[ SPECTA] - 2 साल पहले
you predicted most of season 7 just from the fucking trailer , WTF
raphael crespo
raphael crespo - 2 साल पहले
damn you nailed it
Charles Owens
Charles Owens - 2 साल पहले
Shit, man. You called pretty much everything that's happened so far. I'm very scared that I know what will happen the last two episodes, now. God dammit.
Behn97 - 2 साल पहले
We know now that the cleganebowl has to happend in the last episode. How and why is the hound the one to bring the dead to Cersei?
Fourth - 2 साल पहले
God fucking damn Alt Shift X, you are insanely good at this. Almost 100% accurate.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann - 2 साल पहले
you predicted basically everything correctly
sometimes i watch old preview analysis to check if all these predictions are just random guesses - but it turns out that its all very well reasoned
MultiAblee - 2 साल पहले
im 5 minutes in and i just need to take a moment to appriciate how fucking onpoint your predictions are!
Andyroo255 - 2 साल पहले
It's scary now fucking spot on you are. (As of episode 4)
Memestar - 2 साल पहले
Crazy how much you've gotten right so far. Just in this video alone.
pauljenkin - 2 साल पहले
Just watched this in between episode 4 and 5 of season 7.... He's nailing it
Nathan DeLeo
Nathan DeLeo - 2 साल पहले
Rewatching this, only 4 episodes into season 7 at this point and it's crazy how accurate he has been
Willian Mates
Willian Mates - 2 साल पहले
You are right on everything so far man, congratulations!
Tom Pathadan
Tom Pathadan - 2 साल पहले
amazing video ! great work man ! biggggg big fan !
desaturated - 2 साल पहले
damn you are right in every moment
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan - 2 साल पहले
Your predication have been so on point Jesus like everything you said happened
Noor Sadeq
Noor Sadeq - 2 साल पहले
this guy can tell the future
Ernesto Gastelum
Ernesto Gastelum - 2 साल पहले
Wow now that that I've watched episode 4 your trailer analysis seeems sooo accurate
Neek - 2 साल पहले
Jesus you predicted everything so far.
Rajeev Singh
Rajeev Singh - 2 साल पहले
Who is this guy ? feeling as if he has watched all episodes and then made this video. EPIC man. Salute to your analysis. Watched this after episode 4
SpaceStuff - 2 साल पहले
oh my god, every one of your predictions is coming true
Sujith Nakkala
Sujith Nakkala - 2 साल पहले
these are basically spoilers rip
Declan Moran
Declan Moran - 2 साल पहले
Looking back at this its incredible how close to the truth his predictions are.
deveshtrivedi1986 - 2 साल पहले
So...I am watching this after seeing S07E04...You are damn accurate sir! :)
foxeh123 - 2 साल पहले
So is beric Azor Ahai?