Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga SUPER PUNCH to Bollywood Reporter | Kabir Singh Trailer Launch

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kiran kumar
kiran kumar - महीने पहले
I watched 0:50 to 1:00. More than 100 times
Srinivas Maale
Srinivas Maale - 12 दिन पहले
Reddy hai bhai direct attacked no excuse
sri ram
sri ram - महीने पहले
ajay reddy pls translate in english bro
Just Watch Me
Just Watch Me - महीने पहले
@Varun Reddy nijam bhayya
Varun Reddy
Varun Reddy - महीने पहले
Abbba vedu okka celebrati ippudu
Just Watch Me
Just Watch Me - महीने पहले
@Varun Reddy avnu bhayya
Balaji Reddy
Balaji Reddy - 20 दिन पहले
Fuck he nailed it 😂😂
Arun Pandian
Arun Pandian - 21 दिन पहले
It is okay to praise the actor for what he did in the screen...but Don't forget it was the director who made it happen... (Sandeep)... try to respect...@0.55
oyee na
oyee na - 22 दिन पहले
Kabir Singh and arjun reddy are reflection of sandeep sir 😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Devil wild
Devil wild - 24 दिन पहले
The real hero is sandeep vanga
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy - 24 दिन पहले
Beizatti karvane kyu jate ye gochu media wale 😂😂
Naga Prasad
Naga Prasad - 25 दिन पहले
That's called thelugodi thikka
Sid in
Sid in - 25 दिन पहले
Sandeep was sure like vijay character when he was young
nithin gajula
nithin gajula - 25 दिन पहले
Meet GOHIL - 27 दिन पहले
Naman swaroop The Film Lover
Naman swaroop The Film Lover - 27 दिन पहले
0:54 Sandeep is literally in anger after completing himself just look at his expressions. It is something like a college fight where principal sits in front of you and you are bound to control yourself. 😂
Abraham anthony
Abraham anthony - 27 दिन पहले
A real Hyderabadi 😎 ......!!!!!!
Sai katukuri
Sai katukuri - 29 दिन पहले
All the best from telugu states to shahid bhai!! ❤❤
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar - 29 दिन पहले
main toh yeh bhi nahi bol Sakta ye film Shandar hogi nahi toh iski bezati ho jayegi
Ashok ashok
Ashok ashok - 29 दिन पहले
I saw arjun reddy in sandeep @0 :50
Zameer Sallu
Zameer Sallu - 29 दिन पहले
Ranveer Singh suits fr this film 🎞
izhan syed
izhan syed - महीने पहले
Still searching the video related to thumbnail....clickbait
sunita sunita
sunita sunita - महीने पहले
Director's look and attitude are like angry math teacher😂😂😂
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav - 28 दिन पहले
Harika sagar
Harika sagar - महीने पहले
no sandeep no arjun reddy, no vijay no arjun reddy.
Ek Villain
Ek Villain - महीने पहले
Real attitude Sandeep Reddy vanga
EduGuru Online
EduGuru Online - महीने पहले
వరంగల్ wala
jyothiswaroop birla
jyothiswaroop birla - महीने पहले
I think kabhir singh may not beat the original ones but wanna watch film to compare and for my heroin too
Fan of Vijay Devarakonda
yerram dipak
yerram dipak - महीने पहले
Woh samja director ko Hindi nahi ati Bhai we are from Hyderabad we know very well Hindi ....
Sudhakar The great Indian.
Sudhakar The great Indian. - महीने पहले
Creater of Arjun Reddy Sandeep bhai....real I appreciate bro
Mahesh purnam
Mahesh purnam - महीने पहले
Nice shot sandeep...
Bombay Motion
Bombay Motion - महीने पहले
Great observation by Sandeep as journalism has become a joke in India just for name sake and to earn money
Shadrak D
Shadrak D - महीने पहले
Mumbai press reporters are hopeless they respond to those who give money for promotions.... Sandeep sir you are always great for us.
Radha Reddy
Radha Reddy - महीने पहले
Geetha Sangeetha
Geetha Sangeetha - महीने पहले
Sandeep reddy😎✌✌✌✌✌✌✌🖕
pravallika vasa
pravallika vasa - महीने पहले
Can anyone say what punch he hit in telugu
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav - 28 दिन पहले
News reporter: asal Arjun Reddy enduku tesaru Malli hindi lo kuda release chesthunnaru kadha enti reason Sandeep: Sandeep giving explanation, but reporter vinatam ledhu, appudu Sandeep "hey Nuv question adigav, kani vinatam ledhu " ani serious ga punch vesadu
sri maitri
sri maitri - महीने पहले
Super mama
karthik gettiboina
karthik gettiboina - महीने पहले
Damn sure it vl b biggest blockbuster hit for him.... Congratulations ....
Mahesh_ Chandra
Mahesh_ Chandra - महीने पहले
Power of telugu film industry..Sandeep reddy vanga@attitude
Amar Mohite
Amar Mohite - महीने पहले
Sab anpad gavaar bhare pade hai media me... Sahi se questions bhi nai kr sakte aate kaha se hai ye log 🤧
Political Analysis
Political Analysis - महीने पहले
Mohan Krishna Sai
Mohan Krishna Sai - महीने पहले
He asked so that people c a hear your answers. That why they are recording. Else they can ask with out camera.
durga prasad
durga prasad - महीने पहले
Sandeep attitude 🤘
harsha vardhan
harsha vardhan - महीने पहले
Abey howle ne template ki sandeep reddy cheppina danki emana samandam unda ra bose dk
Jithu Sagi
Jithu Sagi - महीने पहले
Arjun Reddy reel version,
Sandeep Reddy real version...
naveen614 - महीने पहले
Telugodu tho anta easy kaadu bro...
s K
s K - महीने पहले
Rangeela rgv
Kabir singh sandeep reddy
Nare Naidu
Nare Naidu - महीने पहले
Saala sunn. Hum telangana ke hey..
Dengthey shape out aypothav makeloude.
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav - 28 दिन पहले
@creator untaru, but menu antha value evvam castes ki.
creator - 29 दिन पहले
Bro small doubt naidus telangana lo kuda untara ?
Sai Ram
Sai Ram - महीने पहले
Tollywood ahh majak ahh 😍👌 super gaa respond ayinaru sir
sarihaddu - महीने पहले
Sandeep reddy vanga akkada... Careful with questions
Stylish Star
Stylish Star - महीने पहले
Maar muntha chod chintha🤙
Navaneeth Kumar
Navaneeth Kumar - महीने पहले
Evadra video pettindi. Chusthe nemo question peekadaniki adigava ani undi. Chusthe aada adi emi ledu
Kasi Kodavati
Kasi Kodavati - महीने पहले
Copy to flight
Sneha Priya Dondapati
Sneha Priya Dondapati - महीने पहले
I have seen this Sandeep reddys attitude its vera level... I have seen him in Vignan guntur... We are receiving a prize from him my friend ask him for a selfie I saw his attitude he is following up Balaya babu's attitude in one angle.. She felt very bad for that
Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy - महीने पहले
Attitude ka baap.. Sandeep Reddy vanga..
Raju Gudikandula
Raju Gudikandula - महीने पहले
Sandeep bro superb u r the best director u Wil get a lot of opportunities in future ..u r the superb talented person we k know s.all the best bro..
J Yadaiah
J Yadaiah - महीने पहले
Sandeep u r trigger
sreenivas atta
sreenivas atta - महीने पहले
I am proud of my telugu director for making cinema in Bollywood.
SANKU - महीने पहले
Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood all Indian film industries. All Indian directors wether South, North or North East should work together.
krishna vamsi
krishna vamsi - महीने पहले
worst director
i am sure he disappear soon
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav - 28 दिन पहले
@srinivas reddy kanapadthndi vadu pakka Andhra candidate
srinivas reddy
srinivas reddy - महीने पहले
I think you from andhra
B Polaki
B Polaki - महीने पहले
Hey tu question poocha...sun raha nai...gooba guyyu mandhi ga...savage...
harsha vardhan
harsha vardhan - महीने पहले
Pettadu gattiga....🤙🤙
Abhi Ram
Abhi Ram - महीने पहले
I didn't understand can anyone pls tell me what he said in Telugu or English
P Raja
P Raja - महीने पहले
Ee cinema ki veedu heroga assalu set ivvaledu cenema atterplof pakka, Ranveer Singh ni pettuntunte block buster ayyedi, ur selection is very bad
prudhvi s
prudhvi s - महीने पहले
Arjun Kapoor could have been a better choice. Shahid is chocolate boy
Hemanth kumar
Hemanth kumar - महीने पहले
Em taste ra babu... Okasarii arjun acting chudu
prudhvi s
prudhvi s - महीने पहले
1 film ki intha attitude aa ?? Anyway movie was accepted by many. Theesindha malli thesav. Next movies tho decide avthundhi ne attitude ki saripada worth vundha ledha Ani
Surya the Sun
Surya the Sun - महीने पहले
Hey thu question pucha Sunra Nahi.. what a punch 🤜 by Sandeep..Liked it
basanth kumar
basanth kumar - महीने पहले
Sandeep is typical guy.. Better not mess up with him
Nasheer Nasheer
Nasheer Nasheer - महीने पहले
WARANGAL KA SHEAR sundeep reddy vanga
ViSHnU K K D - महीने पहले
These bollywood reporters doesn't know other than hindi and vimal in their mouth 😂😂😂
Theyda Singh
Theyda Singh - महीने पहले
Telugu Power..
This is called SouthIndian Masala..
harikiran naidu
harikiran naidu - महीने पहले
Telugodi debba, Bollywood abba
laxminarayana mittakadapa
laxminarayana mittakadapa - महीने पहले
Karchulaku echesinav ga... #Attitude Sandeep vanga
Ryan Kiddo
Ryan Kiddo - महीने पहले
What did he say in Hindi?
My devops
My devops - महीने पहले
Great telugu director
Satish k
Satish k - महीने पहले
Classic Punch to reporter
Kl Sushmit
Kl Sushmit - महीने पहले
Look at the reaction of cutie pie Kiara ..laughing like a doll...🧡
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar - महीने पहले
Sandeep the original Kabir Singh ...
Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar - महीने पहले
Real arjunreddy...
Amar S
Amar S - महीने पहले
Sandy ek dum BPL jawab di
Jessica Gandalam
Jessica Gandalam - महीने पहले
I suggest u to watch an interview of Vijay devarakonda and Sandeep Reddy vanga in a news channel..I bet u'll love Sandeep sir's attitude
Balakrishna - महीने पहले
Sandeep reddy debba.. reporter abba...
chandra 1
chandra 1 - महीने पहले
Superb punch mind blowing to reporter.... Sandeep attitude is super.... For media guys... 👌👌👌👌
Maggi Adusumalli
Maggi Adusumalli - महीने पहले
love u shahid😘😘😘
pmr techpark
pmr techpark - महीने पहले
Fuck the Bollywood SandeeP. ..... lots of chuthiye's are there in bollywood just like media bosidike .....
shobhachidu chidu
shobhachidu chidu - महीने पहले
Arjun Reddy is ultimate.
Sai Nagesh
Sai Nagesh - महीने पहले
This movie rocks the theaters. U guys will get to know about it and power of tollywood script.
sunny styls
sunny styls - महीने पहले
Arjun reddy is my favourite movie
Nithin Cleetus
Nithin Cleetus - महीने पहले
0.54 somebody plz tell me what he said in hindi
madhu kotra
madhu kotra - महीने पहले
Nithin Cleetus you asked the question and not listening to the answer .
Ksdnsd Kumar
Ksdnsd Kumar - महीने पहले
Now whole india forget about "pulwama attacks" and enjoying movies ah.....
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav - महीने पहले
Yes same like you.
Rajkiran Sake
Rajkiran Sake - महीने पहले
KIARAA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 I will marry you for your yours you
ashok kumar
ashok kumar - महीने पहले
Earlier tollywood was remaking bollywood movies, now bollywood started copying tollywood, so soon tollywood going to rule the indian film industry
Tarun Raj Kumar
Tarun Raj Kumar - महीने पहले
Gajini,wanted,drishyam,singham,rowdy rathore,ready,jai ho,kick
Ashok Reddy
Ashok Reddy - महीने पहले
Arjun Reddy ke amma Mogudu mana sandeep bai..
Santhoshi Boga
Santhoshi Boga - महीने पहले
Sandeep anna zindabad
Firoz Basha
Firoz Basha - महीने पहले
Lost Symbol10
Lost Symbol10 - महीने पहले
Why is media twisting things ? Did he say pikadaniki ? He asked why aren't you listening ? Dont do it
TG - महीने पहले
Hey northies...That's the attitude of a Telangana guy.. so far you know only madrasi and Andhra guys...
creator - 29 दिन पहले
Nenu ts e nuvvu question cheyyali evaraina ap madrasi vaallani ante live lo nee edhuru ga unnappudu chei INzone lo kaadhu. Ikkadaithe nuvvu vaallani ani ninnu vaallu ani nuvvu manashyanthi kolipovadam thappithe upayogam ledhu. Endhukante nuvvu entha try chesina vaallu neeku dhorukaru nuvvu vaallaki dharakavu.
ESWAR SREE - महीने पहले
Santheep vanga is real arjun reddy😂
M r
M r - महीने पहले
All the best Sandeep sir
bhupathi reddy
bhupathi reddy - महीने पहले
Sandeep Reddy vanga how become Kabir Singh journey is so impact in his personal experiences ... So Reddy is powerful don't try to touch that angry line...
ReX h2H
ReX h2H - महीने पहले
People who doesn't know Arjun Reddy is Sandeep's personal life tweaked a lot, can't even stand his stand his talent and attitude. That guy went through breakup and drugs, now a powerful Director. Only thing is in the end Arjun gets his love back but Sandeep had to compromise and married another woman.
NEW AGE - महीने पहले
Evadiki upayogam
rs gate2013
rs gate2013 - महीने पहले
We should shoot him such a director s
Rajan Srinivasan
Rajan Srinivasan - महीने पहले
Wen there are cult filmmakers like anurag kashyap, dibakar banerjee, thiagarajan kumarraja, Karthik subbaraj and many , why is he talking as if he is the only guy that has made a difference in the film industry.. Plus Arjun Reddy is just a combination of Dev D and FLIGHT in many aspects.. You got to know and acknowledge fellow artists, filmmakers and their products too before you're so proud about yourself.. Never underestimate anyone Mr.Sandeep
Podduturi Pranav
Podduturi Pranav - महीने पहले
Hope Sandeep Reddy Vanga will become the first director with a good fan following , because of his attitude which reflect in conveying good message to people .
I'm fan of Sandeep Reddy Vanga saying it after watching all his interviews till date.
vijayakennedy - महीने पहले